Shark Tank. Credits:Instagram/SharkTank

Many businesses have appeared on Shark Tank hoping that Mark Cuban and his fellow “sharks” give their business the necessary boost. It all begins with a pitch, but only a few make the cut and go on to become successful. However, sometimes, even when harshly bitten by the sharks, some go on to survive and become inventive examples. Take a look at these businesses that have grown since pitching on Shark Tank.

Fizzics Keeps Brewing after Shark Tank


Fizzics. Credits:Facebook/Fizzics

New Jersey-based Fizzics founders Philip Petracca and David McDonald brought forth their at-home beer dispenser in the season 8 premiere of Shark Tank. It revolutionized the fresh-from-the-tap experience, and the sharks were impressed with the product.

Marc Cuban and Lori Greinier invested $2.0 million for a combined 16.67% equity. But did that investment help?


A couple of years ago, they expanded their patented technology and came up with a more portable product called the Fizzics Waytap. Beer aficionados are still raving about the original dispenser in publications!

Petracca has since bought an old farmhouse in Colts Neck, New Jersey in March 2018. He plans to convert it into a brewery soon and he plans to continue to grow the product from there!

ISlide Scores Outside the Tank

ISlide CEO, Justin Kettridge(Left side)

ISlide CEO, Justin Kettridge(Left side). Credits:Facebook/ISlide

Justin Kettridge’s ISlide fully customizable slippers failed to win the sharks’ investment, but they continue to reinvent the footwear industry. Since gaining visibility in Shark Tank, the company received orders from huge names like Neiman Marcus, Lids, Urban Outfitters, and Fanatics!

ISlide went on to sign a deal with the NBA. Now, the company creates customizable slide footwear for any team, including Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Stephen Curry’s hallowed feet.

In 2018, ISlide cashed in on the NBA Playoff hype with its playoff-themed collection. It even entered into partnerships with artists, celebs, and major entities like the WWE, Def Jam Records, Roc Nation, and Nickelodeon.

More Than a Spoonful of Comfort

Founder at Spoonful of Comfort, Marti Wymer

Founder at Spoonful of Comfort, Marti Wymer. Credits:Linkedin/MartiWymer

Another business that benefited from sheer exposure on Shark Tank is Spoonful of Comfort. The delivery service provides homemade soups and sides for ill people, but it failed to get an investment.

However, it prospered nonetheless!

“After ‘Shark Tank,’ our revenues have been tripling,” said Marti Wymer, the company’s founder and CEO.

The company is still running and has now expanded its range of products. They also include special packages, according to the seasons and holidays.

Spoonful of Comfort even adopted the sharks’ advice on scalability to add more convenient-sized packages in their services. For them, the exposure was everything!

ReThink Keeps Reinventing

ReThink, the first software of its kind to counteract cyberbullying before the damage it causes, won over the sharks and viewers for its carefully-thought idea. The program (created by then-16-year-old inventor, Trisha Prabhu) delayed the posting of potentially-harmful messages and allows the user to reconsider sending it.

The company is on a path to end digital hate and has extended its reach to over 1,500 schools! The award-winning tech program has already helped over 2.5 million students and increased awareness.

Prabhu talks to students at various venues and encourages them to join the movement against cyberbullying. She’s even had her own TED Talk special since appearing on the show!