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Thanksgiving is the best time to eat a delicious turkey dinner, and watch movies with your family. If you are bored of the same old films, here are some of the new movies to watch on Thanksgiving.

The best Thanksgiving movies are about sentimentality and the true meaning of family. When celebrating Thanksgiving, we mostly look forward to indulging in a hale and hearty dinner. We also love spending time with family and friends. Everyone enjoys watching Thanksgiving movies after eating too much turkey, but with the same few titles to choose from, more people are opting to hit theaters on Thanksgiving.

There are plenty of new movies being released on Thanksgiving 2016. So, instead of sitting at home, why don’t you check out some new releases? Here are some of the latest movies to watch on Thanksgiving.

#1. Allied


You certainly don’t want to miss out on this movie. The film centers around intelligence officer Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) and French resistance fighter Marianne Beauséjour (Marion Cotillard). The couple reunites again in London, however, their relationship is under a lot of pressure as a result of the war.

#2. Rules Don’t Apply

Rules Don’t Apply is a perfect romantic comedy. It is the story of an aspiring actress Marla Mabrey (Lily Collins), her driver Frank Forbes (Alden Ehrenreich), and the bizarre billionaire Howard Hughes (Warren Beatty) whom they work for. Though a love story, this movie has a lot of twists and turns, breaking free from the norms you would expect.

#3. Nocturnal Animals

A thriller revolving around Susan (Amy Adams) who receives a book manuscript from her ex-husband, whom she left 20 years ago. There are two parts to this movie, the second part of the movie focuses on Nocturnal Animals, the book written by Susan’s ex-husband. Anyone looking for a suspenseful thriller definitely should not miss out on this movie.


Some other movies being released this week are:


  1. Moana (November 23)
  2. Bad Santa 2 (November 23)
  3. Miss Sloane (November 25)
  4. Évolution (November 25)

  5. Lion (November 25)

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