UEFA Euro 2016: Ukraine Lineup vs. Germany

Ukraine Lineup vs. Germany
Credit: Instagram/vitykovalenko

It looks like this Sunday is going to be a busy day as fans get to watch Game of Thrones and the UEFA Euro 2016 for the Ukraine vs. Germany match. As usual, fans and commentators have ideas for their own Ukraine predicted lineup, but we don’t know for sure who on the Ukraine football team will be part of the Ukraine lineup.

Mykhaylo Fomenko was appointed as the coach of the Ukrainian national football team four years ago but has yet to experience the taste of glory. The former Ukrainian footballer became famous for his coaching and led his club to its first Ukrainian Cup. Fomenko is known for his counter-attack tactics, which are the cornerstones of the team’s defense. Attacking aggressively as manager is how he got his team to the Euros and victory is the only thing on his mind.

The Players

The Ukraine lineup could consist of players such as Viktor Kovalenko, Roman Zozulya, Ruslan Rotan, Artem Fedetskiy, and Taras Stepanenko. Fomenko has an all-or-nothing approach to managing his team and only the players who have his favor and bring their “A” game will get to start in the game; those who fall out of favor will most likely find the game off limits for the most part.

There’s no telling for sure whether Germany will beat Ukraine or the other way around. Both teams have their own strategies and will try their best to defeat the other. There’s no room for mistakes or telegraphing movement. Sometimes, having a different approach and being flexible in your game plan is a helpful way to win. The Ukrainian team might even surprise Germany, which means one step closer to a title win for Formenko.



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