UEFA Euro 2016 Predictions: Who Will Win Turkey vs. Croatia?

Who Will Win Turkey vs. Croatia
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Judging the recent Euro 2016 predictions, Croatia has a better chance at being one of the two Group D teams to advance into the knockout stages. But, it all depends on who will win the Turkey vs. Croatia match on Sunday. Turkey has been quite a contender in the UEFA Euro, and they should not be underestimated—at least not by the Croatian squad. But, for now, they deserve to have that confidence as many major Turkey vs. Croatia predictions point at a win for Croatia.

It is still predicted to be a narrow win as Turkey won’t leave their first Euro 2016 match without a tough fight. That is what makes Sunday’s bout between Turkey and Croatia a highly anticipated match for UEFA Euro 2016 group stage.

No one knows who will win Euro 2016 as it’s just too early to tell. But, one can guess which teams are favored by the masses and which ones are predicted to be the long shots. Both Turkey and Croatia are not yet considered as the strongest teams in the UEFA Euro 2016 France. But, that does not mean they are the weakest. Turkey and Croatia make Group D the toughest group in Euro 2016 as it also has former champions Spain and Czech Republic. Knowing who will win the Turkey vs. Croatia match really matters as it prepares us for that terrible outcome. No matter who wins, seeing any of the two lose their first Euro 2016 match is going to be devastating. Even though the outcome is always unprecedented, every Euro fan out there wants to know which one will overpower the other.

Who Will Win Turkey vs. Croatia?

Turkey vs Croatia

Credits:  Instagram/uefaeuro

After checking out the most recent Turkey vs. Croatia predictions, there is a slight inclination toward Croatia scoring the lead. However, any clash in the UEFA European Championships has been engaging till the very end. Considering that, Turkey has been quite a shocking champion in the past Euro Championships. The recent Euro 2016 standings show Turkey and Spain as the Group D champions, followed by Croatia and Czech Republic, who are really close to being equal in terms of international rankings. But, that’s certainly not the case for Turkey and Croatia.


On the 2016 FIFA World Rankings, Turkey holds the number 18 spot, which is way above Croatia’s number 27. In spite of that, Croatia is predicted to have the upper hand on Sunday (June 12). Croatia’s chances of defeating the Turks is due to a much stronger midfield. Coach  Ante Cacic has several star players at his disposal including Ivan Rakitic and Marcelo Brozovic. Hence, the well-spread and balanced 4-2-3-1 lineup.

Unlike Turkey, who has a strong and impeccable 4-1-4-1 lineup, one of the most impenetrable formations in international football. It’s all according to the plans of head coach Fatih Terim, who wants the Turks to champion Euro 2016. With Barcelona’s Arda Turan, Hakan Calhanoglu from Bayer Leverkusen, and Galatasaray’s Selcik Inan, beating the 2-1 win for Croatia appears valid for a team like Turkey.



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