UEFA Euro 2016 Predictions: Who Will Win Spain vs. Czech Republic?

UEFA Euro 2016 Predictions
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Are you ready to watch Spain vs. Czech Republic today? Before the game starts and you get engrossed in it, take a look at these Euro 2016 predictions about tonight’s game. Even though we all have an idea of who will win Spain vs. Czech Republic, there could also be a surprise turn for the other team. Reading these Spain vs. Czech Republic predictions below will let you know why Czech Republic has a chance at defeating world champion Spain in today’s Group D clash!

A majority turnout in any of the recent Euro 2016 predictions goes to Spain for winning today’s group stage clash. Spain is touted to be the only “invincible” team from Group D and is a favorite Euro 2016 team across continents. This team makes every other Group D team nervous as it has had a reputation that intimidates every champion team. Spain’s victories in the past tournaments keep them on high regard. That’s why Spain receives a whole lot of respect from every other team in the UEFA Euro 2016.

Who Will Win Spain vs. Czech Republic?

Underestimating Spain’s prowess is unwise but succumbing to their success will be foolish. It is interesting to know who will win Spain vs. Czech Republic and move forward in the Euro 2016 standings. If Czech Republic manages to defeat Spain in today’s clash, then the ratings for the Euro 2016 games will soar. Defeating a champion will disrupt all the ongoing Euro 2016 predictions, and those who penned down these Spain vs. Czech Republic predictions will have to save face. Even though nobody can predict who will win Euro 2016, many of us believe that Spain is ready to make it their own for the third time.

Who Will Win Spain vs. Czech Republic

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If Czech Republic stops them in the group stage, then the next Euro 2016 predictions will tell something totally unpredictable. At number 30 in the FIFA World Rankings, Czech Republic has to do lot more to make this happen. In reality, Czech Republic is the dark horse of Group D and, on paper, they do have some great players placed on their perfect lineup. It is perfectly balanced, and Czech Republic’s lineup is a great counter to Spain’s. Head coach, Pavel Vrba, is ready with his elite squad, that includes two star players from Arsenal: Petr Cech and team skipper Tomas Rosicky.


Sadly, most of the ongoing Spain vs. Czech Republic predictions already know the favored team. If you look up “Who will win Spain vs. Czech Republic?” on the Internet, the most common answer will indicate Spain. This is quite a blind guess out of all the Euro 2016 predictions. Not just for this match, Spain is also a probable answer to the question, “Who will win Euro 2016?” No one can prove it wrong as Spain has the previous two Euros.

Staring at a high view from number six on the FIFA World Rankings, Spain won the UEFA European Championships in 2008 and 2012. It has even performed really will in the last FIFA World Cup. So, Spain’s chances of winning today are far greater than any other team lined up for a group stage game today. Spain’s lineup is going to be 4-3-3, and it will have a great defensive line to support their amazing strikers.

David De Gea, Andres Iniesta, Sergio Ramos, Gerard Pique, Jordi Alba, Cesc Fabregas, Alvaro Morata—all these star players come together to form the Spain squad, and there hasn’t been such a superb team in the UEFA Euro history. This makes the predicted result a 4-0 win for Spain.


Watch UEFA Euro 2016 France Spain vs. Czech Republic online on June 13 at 9:00 a.m.



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