UEFA Euro 2016 Predictions: Who Will Win Portugal vs. Wales?

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Who will win Portugal vs. Wales? After all the Euro excitement this weekend, sports fans are eager to know about the upcoming Euro 2016 match with Portugal and Wales. Fans have been searching for their Portugal vs. Wales predictions and looking up anything Euro predictions-related such as “Euro 2016 predictions.” So, don’t go anywhere because we have all the information that you need and what famous Euro semifinal predictions have people talking.

Now that Germany has defeated Italy and France has defeated Iceland, things are heating up, and the stakes are higher as the remaining teams are gearing up to take the championship title for this year’s Euro 2016. But so far, our predictions have been pretty good—just ask France. But who will win the Portugal vs. Wales match on Wednesday?


The Portugal vs. Wales match is sure to be an exciting one and will take place at the Stade de Lyon in Lyon, France. Hopefully, the good weather keeps up and there are no delays or issues. Fans will want to get to the stadium early in order to beat any possible traffic and secure their spot as it will be a packed venue, as always.


The game is expected to start on Wednesday, July 6, at 3:00 p.m. EST, and it’s a game you won’t want to miss. Sadly, this falls on a weekday, so if you’re not on summer vacation and have to be at work, then you may have a slight issue. But not to worry because we have you covered for that too.


TV Broadcast

Fans can watch Portugal vs. Wales on ESPN for all the live action. Be sure to check your TV listings and set your DVRs if you won’t be home. But be careful because after the game ends, there will be plenty of spoilers, making it hard to avoid finding out who won. Just think back to that episode of How I Met Your Mother when the gang tried to avoid the final score of the Super Bowl. Spoiler alert—it didn’t work out so well for them!


Sports fans can stream the game online using the WatchESPN link here. Fans that have to be at work during the time of the game can watch using the ESPN app on their compatible smartphones. That way you can take a quick break and catch up on the game but be careful about the data usage. Depending on the work environment, some bosses surprise their workers and let them watch part of the game or check in for highlights.


Many believe that because Portugal looks good on paper, they will be sure to win against Wales. But as we all know, nothing is certain in this game anymore and anything can change without a moment’s notice.


“It’s just about Wales and the next game in the campaign has always been our biggest one,” said Wales’s manager, Chris Coleman, in an Evening Standard interview. We know Portugal are favorites, they have had tournament experience and played at World Cups, and we’ll go into it as underdogs. But that’s no problem at all.”

“I’m not worried about being the ugly duckling or someone who feels sorry for himself,” said Portugal’s manager, Fernando Santos, in the Evening Standard. “I’m interested about getting to the final and winning it.” Santos’s side faces Wales in Lyon on Wednesday in the semifinal.

Sounds like both sides have their sights set on winning, but you will have to wait to see what happens on Wednesday.


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