UEFA Euro 2016 Predictions: Who Will Win Poland vs. Northern Ireland?

Who Will Win Poland vs. Northern Ireland

Make this day count by checking out these genuine Euro 2016 predictions for Sunday’s Poland vs. Northern Ireland match. Just like many others, if you are wondering who will win the Poland vs. Northern Ireland match of the Euro 2016 group stage on Sunday, then you’d like what we’ve got. These Poland vs. Northern Ireland predictions are all that you need to know before the game begins.

Being privy to these predictions even before the UEFA Euro 2016 France matches is the trait of a true football fan. Fans and followers of the UEFA European Championships are always on the lookout to read some dependable predictions and statistics. Even though the tournament has just begun, millions of people out there are searching the Internet to find the most favorable answer to the question, “Who will win Euro 2016?” There’s no team in particular that is a certain to be the answer to this, but there are a lot of underdog squads who are ready to make Euro 2016 their own. Two such teams are going to duel it out Sunday, which is why we all must know what’s being deduced in these Poland vs. Northern Ireland predictions below.

Who Will Win Poland vs. Northern Ireland?

Poland vs Northern Ireland

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No matter who loses, Poland and Northern Ireland are the two Group C dark horses likely to head up on the Euro 2016 standings. That’s why it is better to see them face each other in the first group stage bout for Group C. Held at the Allianz Riviera stadium in Nice, the Poland vs. Northern Ireland match is certainly going to be one to watch.

With all teams at an equal position in the Euro 2016 standings, wondering who will win Poland vs. Northern Ireland match has made millions of people restless. People supporting their nations and fans following their favorite teams have made the Poland vs. Northern Ireland predictions the hottest topic of the week.


These Group C contenders have been playing equally well in every international showdown, which is why predicting who wins this match is going to be really hard. For those who don’t know, Poland and Northern Ireland are both ranked close to each other. In the 2016 FIFA World Rankings, Poland has secured the 27th spot, just a couple ranks below Northern Ireland, who are at number 25.

The strongest trait for Poland is having Bundesliga star Robert Lewandowski to help out head coach Adam Nawalka. Poland’s midfield strength is unbreakable thanks to their key midfielders Krychowiak and Blaszczykowski. That gives them enough reason and support to have a 4-2-3-1 lineup. But, for Northern Ireland, the lineup is expected to be a 5-3-2. This shows that Northern Ireland’s is ready to play defensive and is not getting too carried away by the front line. After 30 years, a fresh and powerful Northern Ireland squad has entered Euro 2016 to make that difference. Unfortunately, for now, the predicted 1-0 score is in Poland’s favor!



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