UEFA Euro 2016 Predictions: Who Will Win Germany vs. Poland?

germany vs. poland predictions
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Are you watching the UEFA European Championships and looking for some Euro 2016 predictions? Thursday’s match between Germany and Poland has become a particularly interesting match to analyze given both teams’ performance in their respective first matches. Thousands, if not millions, of fans have searched terms like “Who will win Euro 2016?” and “Who will win Germany vs. Poland?” in hopes of gaining further insight—perhaps only just getting into soccer via this tournament and lacking the knowledge to make their own Germany vs. Poland predictions. If you want to learn more about this game, why it’s a big deal, and what each team’s chances are, then read on.

The match between Germany and Poland, as noted, will take place on Thursday, June 16. The two teams are part of “Group C,” which consists of them, Northern Ireland, and Ukraine. Each team in the group will play against the other three once, and the two with the most points—along with some possible runners-up—will move on to the “knockout phase,” which will be a traditional tournament bracket. Three points are awarded for a victory and one is given in the case of a tie.

Why Germany vs. Poland Matters

Part of why this game between Germany and Poland is going to be so heavily scrutinized is because of the current Euro 2016 standings. Both teams currently sit on three points, having won their first games in the tournament. That means that both are currently likely qualifiers for the tournament proper. In addition, since there are only three games per group matches, that means that two wins for any team is a guaranteed qualification. So, either Germany or Poland will be sure to advance, regardless of how the winner’s remaining game with Northern Ireland or Ukraine goes.

Both Teams at a Glance

But who will be the one to win this game and secure their spot in the full tournament? Because, while both teams won their first match, neither was a particularly decisive victory despite both shutting out the other team. An argument could be made that Germany’s 2-0 rout of Ukraine made the team look a lot sharper than Poland and their 1-0 besting of Northern Ireland. But, it was only after the Ukranian team—which had a very strong first half that the Ukraine media praised despite the team’s loss—fell apart in the second half in the face of the amazing goaltending of Manuel Neuer.


Unfortunately for Poland, even outside this tournament, Germany is by far the choice of fans and experts alike to hold the highest point total in Group C. The German team also has the honor of being the defending World Cup champions, which may make them the team to beat rather than Spain, who won the previous two UEFA European Championship tournaments in 2008 and 2012. This is also Germany’s 12th straight qualification in the Euro finals; needless to say, Poland cannot boast the same distinction.

Germany vs. Poland: Who Will Win?

But all this doesn’t mean that Poland is doomed for failure; they actually have a good chance of winning the game and their ticket to the next round of the Euro 2016 tournament. For starters, despite the World Cup win and impressive records, the German team has not been playing very well as a unit for several months. Needless to say, this is a bad quality to have in a teamwork-based game. Germany’s coach Joachim Loew’s predicted strategy of constant lineup changes each game could also possibly make this problem worse as rotating line members is not going to do much for team synergy. Poland can also take advantage of the sheer skill of Robert Lewandowski, provided Germany is too disorganized to focus on shutting him down completely.



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