UEFA Euro 2016 Predictions: Who Will Win Germany vs. Italy?

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“Who will win Germany vs Italy?” It’s certainly a fair question, and it may be the same as asking “Who will win Euro 2016?” given that both teams are top contenders to win it all. In a tournament that’s been heavy on shutouts and low-scoring games, will this be the match that breaks the mold and be the most thrilling game of the 2016 UEFA European Championship so far? That’s what those making Euro 2016 predictions are trying to determine, and we can’t say we’re any different. If you’re interested in our own Euro predictions, then read on as we share our Germany vs. Italy predictions.

Euro 2016 Predictions

To make it this far, Germany tied with Poland for the top of Group C, with two wins and a draw before beating Slovakia 3-0 in the “round of 16” portion of the knockout phase. As for Italy, they also tied for first in their group (Group E), though it was with Belgium and their records were two wins and a loss. Prior to the quarterfinals, they won 2-0 against Spain.

The German national football team is considered one of the best teams in the world, currently placing fourth on the FIFA world rankings. As  the winners of numerous championships, including three victories at previous European Championships and four World Cups, Germany is certainly one to look out for. Obviously the lineups for each team weren’t the same, but the point is that Germany knows what it takes to win a tournament. Of course, that being said, you can expect to see more or less the same lineup that won them the World Cup in 2014. So, if you were worried about this current squad’s ability to succeed, don’t be.

This isn’t to say that Italy isn’t worthy of praise as well. Italy continues to be a top pick in many Euro 2016 predictions, given their recent statistics, and the fact that they made the finals in the previous UEFA European Championship tournament in 2012. They are already notable this year for eliminating Spain, the team that beat them in the finals last time. Overall the team has proven to be a force to be reckoned with,, having tied for first in their group, as previously mentioned, and winning every game but their single loss via shutout.


However, the current Italian team has also faced some scrutiny from critics, being called one of the least talented teams to represent the country in decades. The fact that they have made it to the quarterfinals while winning against a series of teams largely believed to be better than their own has likely done wonders to silence these detractors. However, this match against Germany may be the real test in making or breaking more than a few people’s Euro predictions.

Who Will Win Germany vs. Italy?

While performance both during and before this event has likely swung a lot of Germany vs. Italy predictions in Germany’s favor, Italy has one very important detail in their favor that cannot be overlooked: throughout the two teams’ history, Germany has never bested Italy in a competitive event. This includes the 1982 World Cup final, the 2010 World Cup semifinals, and the Euro semifinals in 2012.

However, there’s no ignoring how well this German team has played all year, and none of those Italian victories took place in 2016. If Germany can take advantage of being a stronger team overall, then victory can be theirs. But, if Italy utilizes its knack for finding strategies to beat stronger teams, they stand a very good chance of winning. So, look forward to what may be the best game to watch of the entire Euro 2016 tournament!




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