UEFA Euro 2016 Predictions: Who Will Win France vs. Iceland?

Aron Einar Gunnarsson
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Who will win Euro 2016? That’s the question all sports fans have been dying to know as who will win France vs. Iceland this weekend. Soccer fans all over the world are preparing for the end of the Euro 2016 games and we can’t believe they are almost over. With the upcoming game happening this Sunday, every soccer fan will no doubt have an idea for their France vs. Iceland predictions.

The Euro 2016 predictions have been interesting so far and most times tend to be accurate, with some exceptions such as Croatia defeating Spain. No one really saw that coming, but like we said before, anything is possible in the games lately, nullifying any previous Euro predictions you might have had. But who will win this Sunday’s game of the quarterfinals? That remains to be seen but even sports fans that aren’t necessarily focused on the France vs. Iceland game still have an opinion on the possible outcome.

Euro Predictions: About the Game

The game is set to take place on Sunday, July 3, at 3:00 p.m. EST at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis. This adds an expected pressure to do well since France is the host country, which could naturally mean all eyes on them.


The host nation was expected to do well but sort of lost its footing (pun intended) when starting out. Nevertheless, somehow the team managed to stay in the game. After falling behind 1-0 after facing Ireland, France got the wake-up call they needed that was evading them from the beginning and ultimately won with a 2-1 score. Players know better than to rest on their laurels when engaging an opponent. When you think you are always going to remain at the top, you get complacent and it makes it easier for others to help you land at the bottom. France may be guilty of this, but they have still given some effort and have probably been given a reminder by their coach. And Antoine Griezmann has finally arrived, giving hope to the French team. He was a huge player in the last game and will hopefully give it his all on Sunday’s game. France can also expect a similar match against Iceland, a team that is well-organized, has nothing to lose, and is motivated. If France wants to win this round, they have to learn from their mistakes against Ireland in the first half of their game.


Iceland’s story is somewhat different than France’s since there was a popular opinion that the team wouldn’t succeed at the first group stages. But now, after they faced off against England in the 16th round, Iceland has managed to effortlessly convince fans that they are a force that can drive any opposing team to struggle. In more traditional circumstances, Iceland shouldn’t be able to stand a chance against France but anything is possible in soccer. Fans can’t always predict based on a team’s past, which actually adds some mystery and excitement to the game. Iceland has never beaten France, has been defeated in 11 games in the past by the host nation and has tied four games. They are actually in a decent position because they really have nothing to lose. If they don’t win Sunday, then no one will hold it against them. However, if they do end up becoming the unlikely winning team, then the rest of the world, except for France, will celebrate the underdogs.

Public opinion states that France will win, but no one knows for sure until Sunday at game’s end.



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