UEFA Euro 2016: Germany Lineup vs. Ukraine

Germany Lineup vs. Ukraine
Credit: Facebok/mario33gomez

Reigning World Cup champions and Group C Germany have been viewed as one of the favorites to challenge in the UEFA Euro 2016. As fans get ready for the official Germany lineup, many have already guessed their own Germany predicted lineup as Germany vs. Ukraine plays on June 12. The Germany football team is most likely going to be the team to dominate, but we won’t know for sure until the game starts.

The game takes place at the Stade Pierre Mauroy in Lille-Metropole on Sunday, June 12 at 3:00 p.m. EST, and so far the Ukrainian football team is said to be challenging and hard-fighting. This means that Ukraine might just make Germany work for their victory. Fans and commentators have speculated that Germany will have the odds in their favor, but only time will tell once the game kicks off on Sunday.

The Germany Lineup

The Germany lineup consists of players such as Jonas Hector, Manuel Neuer, Bern Leno, Joshua Kimmich, and Mario Gomez. The squad has 23 players overall, but we won’t know who plays officially until kick-off. As many sports fans already know, sometimes there are last-minute changes to the roster and alterations need to be made.

There’s also an added advantage to the opposing team being left in the dark, which allows a team to have a sense of mystery. The element of surprise can be necessary so that a team can’t be easily anticipated based on a player past performances. But predicting a player isn’t much of an issue.

Former attacking midfielder Joachim Low has been in charge of the German national team since 2006. The 52-year-old had a long career as a club level player, has already won a World Cup two years ago. Looks like he’s now looking to add a Euro 2016 champion to his CV as well.



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