UEFA Euro 2016: England Lineup vs. Russia

Wayne Rooney
Credit: Facebook/WayneRooney

With the UEFA Euro 2016 England vs. Russia game coming up this weekend, fans are wondering about the England predicted lineup and whether the England football team will win against Russia. There has also been a recent “leak” of the England lineup, but was that the true team selection?

Yesterday, reporters got a glimpse of England assistant manager Ray Lewington’s notepad that may have possibly leaked England football (soccer) manager Roy Hodgson’s plan for the England lineup against Russia. Though not all the names were legible, there were 13 names available for fans to read, and sure enough, sports fans wasted no time sharing the pictured names on social media. But Hodgson recently informed media outlets that the names in question were, in fact, not the concrete team selection and were just a list of names for a shooting drill. Despite this revelation, we look closer into the predicted England lineup.

Wayne Rooney

It’s hard to tell for sure judging by the handwriting, but the close-up of the picture suggested that Rooney would be playing midfield this summer.

Ross Barkley

Barkley playing right is not a role fans have seen him play before, but Hodgson and Lewington had him marked for the drill for this summer’s Euro 2016. The Everton player has the skill and pace to play that position, but his lack of experience in that role doesn’t seem to be of much concern.

Jordan Henderson

Henderson was listed to play the left-hand side of midfield. Milner is mentioned as an option and Henderson is only noted next to Raheem Sterling as a backup option.

The match is set for Saturday, June 11 at 3:00 p.m. EST at Stade Velodrome, France. What do you think of the drill lineup?



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