Will it still be a “Beautiful Day” even if U2 frontman, Bono, can no longer play the guitar? Bono admits that his odds of playing the guitar again are “not looking good” after his horrific cycling accident in New York’s Central Park last November.

Bono, 55, fell off of his bicycle and broke his arm in six different places and fractured one of his eye sockets, as well as his left hand, shoulder, and arm. He went through five hours in surgery and the band had no choice but to cancel a week-long gig on The Tonight Show.

It’s been 11 months, but two fingers are still numb and cannot extend, which is why Bono revealed that he isn’t sure whether he will be able to ever play his guitar again. The “With or Without You” singer said that the majority of the lingering damage is now just in his left forearm and hand. Specifically, Bono cannot bend his fourth finger, which is curled, or his pinky finger. Another part of his left hand “is like rigor mortis.”


But all may not be lost, as the legendary singer explained back in May: “But they say nerves heal about a millimeter a week, so in about 13 months I should know if it’s coming back.” If so, Bono may be able to swing a guitar come June 2016.

If not though, his bandmates don’t seem to really mind. In fact, Bono’s real forte is writing, singing, and blessing fans with his onstage charisma. As U2 winds its way throughout Europe on it’s sold out iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour, the only thing Bono will be wielding is a microphone.

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