While the American Music Awards may have been a great night for most artists in the music industry, Tyrese Gibson was certainly not happy. The singer, who failed to get nominated in any category, took to Instagram to vent his discontent. It started with fellow singer and partner, Tank, who tweeted, “@Tyrese couldn’t even get a nomination for Soul R&B Album at the #AMAs? That’s crazy and confusing! WHAT IS SOUL R&B? I need answers!.. [sic].”

Tyrese, 36, in turn took a screenshot of Tank’s post and shared it to his own Instagram profile, writing in the caption, “My brother I stand with you…being silent has NEVER changed ANYTHING – and when you speak the TRUTH to reality…they make us out to be bitter and mad [sic].” He added that to save the true genre of soul R&B that people say is “dead,” true soul artists have to be inspired to speak up instead of just sitting back and watching as the genre gets redefined. Gibson also requested all real patriots of the music genre to “step UP” and help save it, adding the point that his new album is what “resparked Soul!!! [sic]”

Tyrese Gibson2


Image: Instagram/ Tyrese

Most of the Fast and Furious actor’s fans supported him. One follower wrote, “Tyrese you don’t need the AMA’s nomination or award. You’re a winner with or without them!!! [sic]” However, there were some who pointed out relevant facts, such as, “In the 90s you weren’t singing the same soul music from the 80s and they weren’t singing the same soul from the 70s and so on. Things change. You left the game for a long time can’t expect it to be the same when you want to come back [sic].”

It seems to be a moot point, what with Gibson’s failed 2006 album, but Grammy-nominated 2011 one. Meanwhile, his latest album, Black Rose, which released earlier this year in July not only debuted on top of the Billboard 200 chart, but also became the most successful album of his career! That being said, Gibson won the Best New R&B/Soul Artist Award 15 years ago, but this year he didn’t even get nominated, which might have left a bitter aftertaste for the artist and his fans.

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