There are millions of fans who would kill for the chance to work alongside one of the greatest supermodels of our time, Tyra Banks. Well, it’s now a very real possibility for one of them.

Banks just posted a picture of herself on Instagram holding a big yellow clipboard with, “We Have BFOGs: Big Fierce Outrageous Goals” written across in block letters. In the caption, Banks explained, “My #TYRABeauty team is growing and if you’re a fiercely dedicated writer interested in a startup atmosphere, we’ve got a spot for you managing our direct selling communications and giving power to people who wanna transform their lives. Think you’ve got what it takes to help break the beauty biz mold? [sic]” She also included a link to the job posting on LinkedIn for an L.A.-based “Field Communications Manager.” (There’s no mention of how much the job pays, in case you’re wondering.)

Being a successful supermodel and reality television star, it only makes sense that Banks would branch out into beauty products. But according to the company’s web site, TYRA Beauty isn’t just another cosmetics line—apparently it’s an “experience.”


Surprisingly, Banks isn’t just another pretty face—the model is a graduate from Harvard Business School, something she did for the sole purpose of starting this self-funded company. You can’t help but admire that kind of commitment.

What’s more, the model is using her line to do more than just sell cosmetics. Last week, TYRA Beauty announced that they would be teaming up with the Truth Campaign, an anti-smoking initiative targeting youth, to encourage women to use makeup instead of cigarettes. Their new “Smoke Your Eyes, Not Cigarettes” campaign includes the launch of aTYRA Beauty makeup kit for creating the perfect “smoky eye” look.

tyra banks instagram photo

Banks has already started filling her Instagram page with posts about this campaign, along with pictures of the new product. She summed up her message perfectly in her first post on the topic, a quote signed off by her, which reads, “The only things I smoke are my eyes.”

The hope is that by using her celebrity influence, Banks will be able to reach her younger fans, ultimately helping to guide their choices and change their minds about tobacco use.


Image Source: Flickr

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