Twitter: Hollywood Celebs React to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar Win

Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar Win

Twitter exploded last night with millions of users worldwide and tons of celebrities tweeting and retweeting about Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar win. On February 28, Leonardo DiCaprio broke his own record of impervious Academy Awards, despite many nominations, by winning the 2016 Oscar for Best Actor. After 20 years of chasing his dream, the 41-year-old acting maestro finally won the elusive golden trophy for his unforgettable role in The Revenant. And, hold on, that’s not the only record Leonardo broke last night: DiCaprio finally winning his Oscar has become the most-tweeted minute ever to take place during an Oscars telecast. DiCaprio has set a new record all by himself as more than 450,000 tweets per minute were posted when the actor accepted his Oscar. And, statistically, talk show host and Hollywood star Ellen DeGeneres’ tweet itself created 255,000 tweets a minute.


Almost all of Hollywood broke out on Twitter as Leonardo’s Oscar win was announced, and the actor’s exceptional acceptance speech was heavily searched all around the world. His favorite co-star and best friend Kate Winslet was even tearful as she watched Leo win his long-overdue Oscar. Winslet’s reaction spoke to how she and DiCaprio started out their Hollywood fame together in the blockbuster Titanic.

Many more celebrities were thrilled to find their favorite actor win what he truly deserved. Popular faces of the acting fraternity and several show business personalities tweeted Leonardo to thank him for his commendable victory. Here are some of the biggest Hollywood celebrities reacting to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar win on Twitter:


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