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With the Toronto Raptors vs. the Miami Heat tonight in Florida for Game 6, fans on both sides are watching every night and hoping their respective teams make it to the NBA Playoffs in June. Just looking at the Toronto Raptors vs. the Miami Heat semifinals schedule makes fans nervous but also hopeful for their team’s chances. Based on the Toronto Raptors roster and the Miami Heat roster, inquiring minds want to know who has more star power—the best players of Miami Heat or the best players of Toronto Raptors.

Dwayne Wade vs. DeMar Rozan

Wade is a shooting guard for Miami Heat and has a salary of $20.0 million and has no doubt been an asset to his team. Wade has three kids form a previous marriage and is famously married to actress Gabrielle Union from the hit BET show Being Mary Jane. No shortage of star power there.

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Rozan is a popular player in Toronto—also known as “the 6ix”—is a shooting guard for the Raptors and has a salary of $9.5 million; that’s a lot of money for a 26-year-old. Though he may not be a born Canadian (since he’s from Compton, California), he has played well for the Raptors and is the face of the team. His fiancée is Kiara Morrison, a USC grad, which means that Wade wins this round.

Chris Bosh vs. Kyle Lowry

Bosh was Miami Heat’s all-star forward and is still a well-known name to sports fans everywhere despite his injury. Due to a blood clot in Bosh’s leg, he has been benched for much of the season, which has harmed his star power lately. The Heat reportedly wouldn’t let Bosh play even if he was cleared by another doctor. His wife owns her own business inspired by a trip to Paris, France, called Sparkle and Shine Darling. Bosh has a salary of $22.0 million, approximately.

Lowry plays point guard and is from Philadelphia with a salary of $12.0 million. He, along with team mate Rozan, has been credited for pushing the Raptors to their Game 5 victory. He’s one of the reasons that the Raptors have been doing so well and gains plenty of attention on the court. He may not be on Bosh’s level but he still gets to play while earning his spot at the top and is dangerously close to making to the finals.

Udonis Haslem vs. Jonas Valanciunas

Haslem is a forward for the Miami heat with a salary of $3.0 million but doesn’t have much star power. He’s not as famous or rich as his more recognizable teammates but has made it to the NBA finals before.

Valanciunus is from Lithuania and plays center for the Raptors. He’s only 24 and has a salary of approximately $4.0 million. He’s also seven feet tall—what is he eating?!