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Someone called the police to Tori Spelling’s mansion on Thursday and reported a “disturbance,” according to reports. TMZ reported that the LAPD was called to the Beverly Hills 90210 alum’s home in Woodland Hills early this morning. The report also claimed that the actress appeared to be having a “nervous breakdown” and that there was a report of a break in. Fans are now looking into Tori Spelling’s net worth in 2018, which is estimated at $500,000. Here are some details on the actress and her fortune.

Actress Tori Spelling was born Victoria Davey Spelling on May 16, 1973, in Los Angeles, California. She is the oldest of two children born to author Candy Spelling and Aaron Spelling, who was a Hollywood director and executive. The millionaire director was behind major hit shows like Dynasty, Charlie’s Angels, and Charmed.

Tori Spelling’s TV and Movie Roles

  • Tori first came to the spotlight in 1990, when she was cast as the virginal Donna Martin on the hit FOX show, Beverly Hills, 90210.
  • In reality, the actress, now 44, attended the real Beverly Hills High School (for which the school was based on) but later transferred to Westlake School for Girls, after getting a nose job.
  • Tori played Donna Martin for the show’s entire 10-season run, from 1990-2000. She also reprised her role in a couple episodes of the show’s reboot, 90210, which aired from 2008-2013.
  • She appeared on Smallville in season 6 and 8 as Linda Lake, a metahuman-journalist who could turn into water and was a villain for both appearances.
  • She appeared in the 2001 hit parody Scary Movie 2, in which she fell madly in love with a poltergeist.
  • She also made a cameo as herself in 1997’s Scream 2, where she played the film role of Sidney Prescott in the movie’s Stab series.

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Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott

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Is Tori Spelling Broke? 

  • As wealthy as Tori was growing up, she’s always had issues managing her money, which has been publicly announced in the past by her mother.
  • She was once caught shopping at Target with one of her daughters, browsing through the clearance section, while wearing Ugg boots and track pants.
  • When she was younger, Tori used to close out entire designer stores and spend thousands of dollars on items, all while being able to shop in private.
  • Tori is known for loving her kids, so much, to the point that she has spent as much as $40,000 on birthday parties!
  • In November 2016, the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum was reportedly sued by credit card giant American Express for credit card debt in the total of approximately $87,000. That same year, she was also sued by the company for an unpaid bill of $38,000, which she was demanded to pay in full, which included the $855 in court fees.
  • “The burden has landed on Tori,” an Entertainment Tonight source said of her family’s financial issues. “Candy allowed them to borrow [money] and [Tori] is in no place at the moment to pay her mother back.”

With Tori’s new born (fifth child), Beau (turning 1 year old on Friday, March 2) there’s no telling how the actress will celebrate to mark the occasion! Either way, we’re sure she’ll be spoiling her little bundle of joy!

So, How Rich Is Tori Spelling?

  • In May 2006, Tori married Canadian actor and TV host, Dean McDermott.
  • She and McDermott are the parents of five children and they even had their own reality series called Tori & Dean: Inn Love, where the pair bought a Fallbrook bed and breakfast, using her inheritance after her father died of a stroke in 2006.
  • Tori’s net worth is estimated at $500,000 and was only given $800,000 from her late father’s $600.0 million estate.
  • Tori explained her financial issues in her 2013 book, Spelling It Like It Is, including how her mother, Candy, had been having issues with her outrageous spending habits.
  • The actress also starred on reality shows Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood and Mommywood.
Aaron Spelling Estate $600.0 Million
Shannen Doherty Net Worth $10.0 Million
Jason Priestley Net Worth $16.0 Million
Tori Spelling Net Worth $500,000

Before the police arrived to the 90210 alum’s house, she was seen on The Bachelor‘s Corinne Olympios’ Instagram story, where the pair were hanging out, according to multiple reports.

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