Controversial television star Tori Spelling is suing a world-renowned restaurant chain, Benihana, for burns she suffered while dining at its Encino, California location.

The 42-year-old actress was at the restaurant with her family in April last year when she tripped, falling onto a hot grill. This resulted in hospitalization. As a consequence of the incident, Spelling has filed a lawsuit against the whole Benihana company (as opposed to just the one location), claiming compensation for her “deep second and third degree burn injuries,” reports TMZ.

The Japanese food franchise owns 116 restaurants all over the world, and dining at any one is usually a festive experience, as entertaining chefs use a traditional teppanyaki table grill to prepare the guests’ meals in front of them. However, the grill led to a painful time for the mother of four, who sustained several painful burns. In her lawsuit, Spelling stated that she incurred various costly medical expenses, along with “general damage.” TMZ also reports that she has additionally sued them for wage loss, although further details about her employment were not mentioned.


An apparent eyewitness informed the Daily Mail that the accident occurred while Spelling, her husband (actor Dean McDermott), her four children, and a few other guests were enjoying a meal together at Benihana Encino. The source claims, “She got up to leave and tripped, falling backwards onto a scorching hot grill.”

Spelling sustained a massive burn on the back side of her right arm. Also, despite being in pain, the mother put on a brave face for her worried children, added the source.

Initially though, the TV star tried to avoid professional treatment, according to reports, but went through a skin graft to treat her burns when doctors informed her of the high risk of infection and scarring unless it was acted upon right away.

Tori Spelling: Sues Benihana… I Got 3rd Degree Burns!!TMZ web site, September 2, 2015.
Tori Spelling sues Benihana after she suffered ‘second and third degree burns’ after slipping and falling on hibachi grill,Daily Mail web site, September 3, 2015.

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