The affair scandal surrounding Dean McDermott and his wife, Tori Spelling, has reportedly taken a strange turn. As you’ve probably heard, McDermott, 47, is accused of having an affair with a younger woman, 28-year-old Emily Goodhand, while he was in Toronto. Although the celebrity couple hasn’t commented on the affair allegations, Goodhand herself has admitted that she had sex with the actor after he hit on her at a dinner party.

Almost a month after news of the scandal surfaced, the celebrity couple was spotted leaving a rehab facility together. A couple weeks later, McDermott was again seen leaving the same building, but this time he was alone. According to an insider, Spelling is threatening to leave McDermott unless he gets treated for his addiction, but it isn’t to drugs or alcohol. “She’s told Dean she’ll leave him if he doesn’t get help for [his] sex addiction,” the source told Life & Style magazine. “She’s finally laying down the law because she knows things can’t continue like this.” The source goes on to say that the only reason she’s trying to save their marriage is for the sake of their four young kids.

Interestingly, McDermott was married when he first started hooking up with Spelling, so a sex addiction doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch when you really think about it.


Their rocky marriage isn’t the only thing this celebrity couple has to worry about. McDermott is also facing a possible lawsuit for stiffing people who helped him put out his new cookbook, even though he stayed with some of them while he was in town and enjoyed free meals at their expense.

McDermott reportedly received an advance of over $250,000 from the publisher, which was supposed to help cover some of the costs. But he still owes thousands to his photographer, food stylist, and prop stylist, as well as over $6,000 in Canadian taxes. Along with “cheater” and “sex addict,” McDermott can now add “the biggest mooch in Toronto” to his list of nicknames, because that’s what his disgruntled staffers are now supposedly calling him.

What do you think: Is a sex addiction a viable excuse for having an affair?


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