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Tori Lucas tries to avoid the media, and stays out of the limelight as much as possible. Her photographs are hard to find unless her husband NBA player Jamal Crawford posts them on his social media pages. Though she is a very private person, she is wholly involved in community work and charity. Lucas and Crawford live a happy life and are giving back to society.

When Jamal Crawford and Tori Lucas got married in a lavish wedding on August 23, 2014, they had everything. They had already been living together for some years and even had two children. Nobody was happier about Crawford and Lucas tying the knot than the couple themselves. Read more about Tori Lucas here.

A Happy Family

Jamal Crawford is an NBA basketball player for the Los Angeles Clippers. Jamal Crawford’s wife is Tori Lucas, and they have two children together. Tori Lucas’ kids are son JJ Crawford (6), and daughter London Crawford (3), who were both present at their parent’s wedding which took place in their home. Jamal Crawford has another son, Eric Crawford (18), from a previos relationship. Tori Lucas and Jamal Crawford’s wedding took place in their massive waterfront mansion in Seattle. Some of the top players in the NBA were in attendance at the wedding.

Loving And Sharing

While Crawford is an extrovert through and through, Lucas is the complete opposite. She likes to stay at home with the kids. Though she goes on vacations with her husband and her kids during the off-season, she would rather stay at home. Lucas also likes spending quality time with Crawford in their Los Angeles home. People are curious about Tori Lucas’ net worth. Information on Lucas’ net worth is not available, but Jamal Crawford’s net worth is a healthy $35.0 million. Both Lucas and Crawford are practically inseparable and share everything they have.

Jamal Crawford

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Giving Back to Society

Lucas is a very kind and generous woman. She is a happy and loving step-mom to Eric Crawford. Both Crawford and Lucas are deeply involved in community work. They donate money to charity on a regular basis and work on social causes dear to their hearts. They are actively involved in community reach-out programs through which they help young kids escape poverty and violence by focusing on their skills. Crawford and Lucas help kids by encouraging them to play the sport of their choice and get into college.

An Intensely Shy Person

Lucas avoids the media like the plague. She is a very private person and never talks to the press. Lucas does not even have a Twitter or an Instagram account, so it is very difficult to get Tori Lucas’ pics. It’s only when Crawford posts family photographs once in a while that we know what Lucas looks like. Otherwise, there is an information blackout on her. No kidding! However, we respect her privacy, and we wish Lucas and her family the best in times to come.