When you just need to kick back and have a laugh, what’s better than watching funny pranks played on unsuspecting people? As long as the pranks are in good spirit and don’t hurt anybody, it’s a win-win situation. Read on to find out about the top three YouTube pranksters in the game today.

If you’re having a bad day, or just want to forget about the troubles in the world, sometimes watching a funny YouTube video or two is just what you need! After all, in these times of extreme stress, we can all use a laugh or two. Some people have taken it upon themselves pull outrageous prank videos and upload them on YouTube. Watching their videos, you can only wonder what these YouTube pranksters will come up with next! We have details about the three best YouTube pranksters right here!

#3. Magic of Rahat

Over 4.9 million subscribers



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Magic of Rahat is the brainchild of Rahat Hossain, a YouTube personality, vlogger, prankster, and magician. He regularly posts his pranks and magic tricks on YouTube. Hossain was born and raised in Virginia Beach and showed skill at building things with cardboard and duct tape at a young age. He majored in criminal justice at Old Dominion University around 2009 and began uploading videos of his card tricks. He started his YouTube career by uploading hidden camera pranks before making a name for himself with some prankster videos like his “Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank,” which was uploaded on January 9, 2013. In it, he dressed up like a car seat and scared several fast food chain workers at the drive-thru. His prank became a YouTube sensation and received over 40 million views. In another prank, “Homeless Lottery Winner,” Hossain gave a homeless man named Eric a lottery ticket that “won” $1,000. The cashier was in on the prank and gave Eric the money. He immediately tried to give Hossain half of his winnings, without realizing that it was a prank. This video received positive responses with over 28 million views, and a fan-inspired fundraiser for Eric, which raised over $44,000.

#2. Roman Atwood

Over 10 million subscribers

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Another prankster who gets people every time is the 34-year-old Roman Atwood from Millersport, Ohio. He is a YouTube personality, comedian, and prankster whose vlogging channel, “RomanAtwoodVlogs” has over 3.6 billion views and 13 million subscribers. Atwood has another YouTube channel, “RomanAtwood,” where he posts hilarious pranks. He has been filming and producing videos since high school, and worked on several film projects and commercials in Columbus, Ohio. In 2010, he decided to focus on his brand of comedy and created the YouTube channel “Sketch Empire.” One of his best-known pranks is the “Crazy Plastic Ball Prank” in which he turned his house into a huge ball pit with plastic balls covering a height of 2.5ft. The video was noticed by Nissan, and they used it in a campaign, and gave Atwood a 2015 Nissan GTR. Another prank that had millions of views was his “Anniversary Prank Backfires” video. He told his girlfriend that he cheated on her, but, seeing the camera beforehand, she turned the tables on Atwood and pretended that she cheated on him. The result was hilarious, and the video received over 86 million views.

#1. FouseyTUBE

Over 10 million subscribers


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The number one prankster is 27-year-old Yousef Saleh Erakat who is a YouTube personality, vlogger, comedian, actor, and rapper. Better known by his stage name fouseyTUBE, he regularly produces parodies, vlogs, comedy sketches, and pranks on YouTube. Erakat was born in Fremont, California, and attended San Jose State University where he majored in theater arts. After graduating, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career. Erakat had multiple YouTube channels relating to fitness, but really became popular when he started making Middle Eastern-themed videos. In a collaboration video with Quest Nutrition, he pied multiple well-known YouTubers while revealing the company’s new flavor. Erakat uploaded a video in July 2014 called “Why I Wanted to End My Life” where he spoke about getting tattoos much to the dismay of his religious family. He later had them removed as he did not want them to be a stigma on him. In October 2015, Erakat transformed his BMW 435i to match the colors on his Nikes. He won several Streamy awards for his pranks and is one of the hottest pranksters on YouTube.

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