Eyebrows on Fleek: The Top 10 Makeup & Beauty Vloggers That You Need to Check Out Now!

Are you in love with makeup like how a 5-year-old kid is with chocolates? Do you like everything to beautify with the latest makeup trends and want to learn more about how to put each and every product on the right way? Then guess what? You’ve come to the right place!  We have compiled a list of the top ten makeup and beauty gurus that will inspire you to bust out all your makeup tools and get started!

With the advent of Internet, things have become pretty easy. Nowadays, every problem (not literal) has a solution on the Internet. YouTube has become one of the most common platforms for people to upload and see videos. Millions of people visit YouTube to watch any type of videos, whether it be related to food, lifestyle, science, education and of course, makeup.

It goes without saying, but many of us are guilty of being a beauty addict, hooked on all the informative videos out there that teach us how to perfect our look. If you’ve surfed for hours on YouTube in search of how to perfect the art of makeup application, surf no more! There are some really informative YouTubers out there who make learning this trade a whole lot of fun! . We all can go on for hours watching beauty vloggers swatch, contour, give reviews and offer advice on proper makeup application. In fact, some of these beauty vloggers also aid in recommending the right products for your skin, and some of them even share their own personal stories. They help you out with everything related to beauty products, and for many of us, it’s a blessing! It’s seldom people believe they have enough knowledge in beauty, or have enough makeup products for that matter! As Tyra Banks has rightly said, “I love the confidence that makeup gives me.” And these beauty vloggers on YouTube are doing just that!

Most of these beauty vloggers make a living through these videos, and they don’t hesitate to give you their honest opinions about the products. So, if you are a beginner who wants to learn the proper ways to apply the right products, or somebody who simply idolizes makeup in general, then lucky for you, we have shortlisted top ten beauty vloggers who will teach you everything there is to know about makeup and how to wear it! Check out our Top 10 Makeup and Beauty know-it-alls, right here!


Marlena Stell

1.4 Million Followers

The last (but certainly not the least) beauty vlogger on our top ten list is none other than Marlena Stell. She joined the YouTube beauty vlogging community on April 19, 2008. The primary motive behind Marlena’s idea to start her channel was to inspire beauty in all women around the globe. “My purpose for this channel is to inspire ALL women of all ages, sizes, skin color, and ethnicities to feel their best on the inside and out. My sole calling in life is to build others up and to help them feel beautiful,” she says.
On her YouTube channel, Marlena posts various videos on different looks, makeup reviews, health-based videos, beauty tips. She even helps out by giving tips to people who have no clue about makeup. Additionally, Marlena is also the founder and CEO of Makeup Geek, which is a cosmetic education website. The main aim behind this website is to help people learn the art of putting makeup perfectly. In Marlena’s words, “Makeup Geek is my place to share my passion for makeup and beauty with so many others! My goal in life is to help even just one person feel more beautiful – if that means the use of makeup, then I’m ok with that. Makeup for me is a way to enhance my natural beauty – it isn’t a mask or a way to hide, but more like a way to shine. It can also be a way to get creative and wear gorgeous colors in a fun way! If applying the perfect shade of lipstick makes me feel more confident on my way out the door, then I want every other woman (or man) out there to feel that same confidence, so that is why I tape my videos. I want every person out there to feel confident in his/her makeup skills and feel “pretty.” Preach girl! And don’t forget to check out her YouTube channel, where Marlena really is beautifying the world, one makeup video at a time!

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Huda Beauty

1.8 Million Followers

Huda Kattan joined YouTube over 10 years ago, on January 13, 2007. Huda’s love for everything related to beauty and makeup began when she was only nine years old. Her interest in makeup grew because her sisters, Mona & Alya, started calling her Bert from Sesame Street because of her eyebrows!

Before getting into fashion, Huda worked in the finance sector, but somehow felt like something was missing in her life. To pursue her thirst for makeup and beauty, Huda flew down to Los Angeles to study makeup with Joe Blasco. Huda was born in Oklahoma to Iraqi parents and was raised in Tennessee. Currently, Huda lives in Dubai with her husband, Christopher Goncalo, and daughter, Nour Giselle.

Apart from her YouTube channel, Huda also has her own website. There, she writes about product reviews, hair tutorials, hair care, skin and beauty. Of course, Huda’s lashes and lip glosses are famous all over the world! Huda’s channel on YouTube focuses on beauty hacks, makeup tutorials and DIY’s. Her famous videos are truly helpful, as she gives step-by-step tutorials on how to perfect any makeup look, whether it be day-to-day wear or a night out on the town! She will teach you which products to use, and how to knock it outta the park! Her most famous video that earned her 9 million viewers on YouTube was her “DIY Beauty Toothbrush Blackhead Remover Hack” video. If you want a little beauty inspiration, then feel free to check out Huda’s beauty channel on YouTube. You won’t be disappointed!

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2.7 Million Followers

Tati has been in the beauty video making business since 2010. November 7, 2010, was the day she joined YouTube and graced the viewers with her impeccable makeup skills. She uploads her videos five days a week and gives honest and unbiased opinions on beauty products and current trends. She posts videos on her channel on YouTube about tips, hauls, and makeup tutorials on drugstore and luxury beauty products.
Additionally, Tati creates videos on crazy PR unboxing, videos on her getting ready, as well as challenges and tags. Tati Westbrook was born on February 14, 1982 in Seattle, which makes her age to be 35. Before Tati started her channel on YouTube, she worked as an Image consultant. She got married to her fiancé James in 2017.

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Manny Mua

3.0 Million Followers

Manny Gutierrez, famously known as Manny Mua on YouTube, is a 26-year-old beauty vlogger. He was born on April 4, 1991 in San Diego, California. Manny posts makeup tutorials, reviews and also does collaborations with other YouTube vloggers. His fan base is over 3 million and he first started his channel in July 2014.

In the first eight months of creating his channel, his subscribers increased to more than 23k. So, there’s no doubt he is very popular on YouTube and viewers just love his videos, and his sass! Manny started this channel on July 16, 2014, has and in just four short years, Manny has already found a niche in the makeup market and his fans love him for it! If you happen to come across Manny’s introduction on YouTube, then you will notice he has written that he is a boy beauty vlogger. According to him, makeup is genderless and has no rules, and he is absolutely right! Manny is doing what he loves and he is certainly doing a great job at it!

The only drawback about his channel is that we have to wait a whole week until we can see what the makeup guru posts next! He posts videos every week, and he never disappoints with his fun, funky, and informative vlogs, which is also why it’s no surprise his follower count is in the millions! The most popular video of Manny’s to date is his “World’s First Foam Foundation! Hit or Miss?!” video, which got him 4 million views. He has made videos on testing makeup types, using different methods and tools, trying new brands, and has even filmed collaborations with different vloggers. You can catch all of Manny’s quirky elements on his YouTube channel.

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Kathleen Lights

3.2 Million Followers

If like Kathleen, you are also obsessed with all things makeup and beauty related, then make sure to subscribe to her channel on YouTube. Lights uploads new videos every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. She first started her channel on January 26, 2013. In those four years, Kathleen Lights has proved that she has what it takes to be one of the beauty vloggers in the business! Lights’ first video was basically about swatching MAC lipsticks, and fans were hooked.

Lights typically posts makeup videos on different looks, her “Get Ready with Me” makeup videos, celebrity inspired makeup tutorials, and all her incredible makeup hauls. Her most popular videos, the one that earned her the most views is her “Full Face Drugstore Makeup Tutorial & Affordable Brushes.” That makeup tutorial got her almost 14 million views alone! The second most popular upload on her channel is the “I Do My Husbands Makeup” video. That makeup video is hilarious, so make sure you check it out!

Lights is very amusing and goofy in her videos. She has her own style and has a warmth in her voice. And she certainly knows how to entertain her viewers! Besides creating videos for her viewers, Lights also has her own blog, but it looks like she hasn’t been active on it for quite some time. It’s possible she could be busy building her beauty empire! Lights is expanding her career beyond YouTube, as she has released her own brand of nail polish known as, KL Polish.

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Kandee Johnson

3.8 Million Followers

If you want to learn how to put makeup on, then Kandee Johnson will come and rescue you. She joined the YouTube beauty family on January 3, 2009 and has uploaded many videos since then. Kandee adds a lot of variety in her videos. For example, she has made videos on makeup transformation and costume ideas, then she started her everyday Disney Princess makeup series, which was a huge hit with fans. She’s also uploaded videos on the basics of makeup, DIY tutorials and many inspiring vlogs, too. So basically, if you want happiness and makeup in your life, then subscribe to Kandee’s YouTube channel! Kandee got over 38 million viewers for her “Glitterati Lip Tattoo & Lip Word Tattoo” video. The video was highly loved by the viewers and it was all about dazzling your lips for the holidays.

38-year-old Kandee was born on July 9, 1978 in a suburb in Los Angeles and she has worked as a celebrity makeup artist for years. Kandee even did styling for some commercials and TV shows. She first started blogging in 2008, mostly covering details about being a mother to a 3-year-old kid. Later on, she started a blog on beauty and style. Kandee has also been featured in several fashion magazines such as Elle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Self and Nylon. Besides her YouTube channel, Kandee also has her own blog, so if you want more inspiration from her, then you will definitely want to check out her blog. Kandee has four kids Blake, Jordan, Ellie and Alani.

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Jaclyn Hill

4.1 Million Followers

Born Jaclyn Roxanne Eilers on July 20, 1990 in Illinois, U.S. to James and Robin Eilers. Beauty vlogger Jaclyn has two older siblings, Nicholas and Rachel. Jaclyn has spent most of her childhood in Minearl, Illinois. However, later on, her family moved to Tampa, Florida to take care of her father’s medical condition, but her parents then divorced in 2012.
Hill’s mother, Robin, is her manager and handles everything related to her appearances and work. Back in 2011, Hill started her own YouTube channel and uploaded many inspiring videos since then. Hill is associated with Becca Cosmetics and she even produced a Highlighter for them by the name, “Champagne Pop.” Their collaboration is known as Becca x Jaclyn Hill. Becca x and Jaclyn Hill together produced the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection that includes various highlighter shades. Recently, Hill collaborated with Morphe Cosmetics and their new eyeshadow palette will be available on Morphe Cosmetics’ website on June 21.

Hill got married to a drummer named Jon Hill on August 29, 2009 and the two live in Tampa, Florida with their two dogs. Hill posts makeup tutorials on YouTube on different holiday themes, celebrity looks, and also challenges. Her Smokey Cat Eye Tutorial received over 14 million views! She even does makeup and product reviews, challenges and tags, hair tutorials and also Makeup Haul videos. If you can’t get enough of Hill’s YouTube channel, then make sure to check out her website!

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4.4 Million Followers

Jeffree has been in the YouTube industry for more than a decade. He started his YouTube channel on February 14, 2006, the perfect day to start vlogging his life. Jeffree is multi-talented because besides creating makeup tutorials, he is also a singer, songwriter, fashionista and of course, a dog lover. She was born Jeffree Lynn Steininger on November 15, 1985 in Orange County, California. Jeffree started his music career on MySpace and after he released two extended plays, he released his debut album in 2009, titled Beauty Killer.
Vlogger Jeffree discovered the power of makeup at the age of 13. Since then, makeup has become his world and he uses his creativity and the power of his makeup tools to make the world a more beautiful place. Initially, Jeffree used to imitate looks from Cosmopolitan magazine andhe used to steal his mother’s eye shadows. His father passed away when he was very small, so he was raised by his mother, who was a model. He somehow convinced his mother to allow him to wear makeup to High School. To give way to his dreams, Jeffree moved to Los Angeles and worked his way up to become a makeup star.

After completing his High School studies, he worked on makeup counters, worked with many celebrities, fashion magazines, weddings, music videos and even freelanced. Over the span of ten years, Jeffree has learned a lot about makeup and beauty, and now he takes classes and imparts knowledge to his students. The most favorite thing in the world for Jeffree is to play with cosmetics. He is very creative and comes up with different shades of lipsticks, which he uses on himself and his close friends.

The biggest dream of Jeffree’s is to create his own brand of lipstick that actually stays on for long periods of time. Besides uploading makeup videos on YouTube, Jeffree is creating lipsticks, lip scrubs, highlighters, and eye shadows. Jeffree’s website has an array of beauty products and customers can purchase them from there. Jeffree has a very funny way of creating videos, and his makeup tutorials are fun to watch as he adds a bit of humor to them. He has uploaded a total of 186 videos, most of them on makeup, haul, his personal vlogs, and sometimes challenges. Sometimes, he even collaborates with other beauty vloggers to create videos. Take a look at Jeffree’s makeup tutorials on his video channel on YouTube.

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Carli Bybel

5.3 Million Followers

Besides having a beauty channel on YouTube, Carli also has her own blog. 26-year-old Carli Bybel was born in New Jersey and is a YouTube superstar, beauty, fitness and fashion guru. Carli started her YouTube channel on June 26, 2011. Her first ever video on YouTube was on curling hair with a straightener, which was uploaded on August 25, 2011. Currently, Carli is in a relationship with YouTube fitness guru, Brett Cap. Carli is also famous for uploading videos of different challenges with her boyfriend.
Recently, Carli uploaded a video on Ariana Grande’s ‘One Love Concert’ hair tutorial. Carli uploads videos on fashion haul, makeup reviews, beauty hacks and sometimes when she travels, she creates a vlog of it, too. Carli seems to be a cat person because in most of her vlogs we can see her cats. The best part about her videos is that she starts them with a positive quote. Carli also creates hair tutorials, some of the hairstyles she has covered are Dutch braids, romantic hairstyles and Old Hollywood hair tutorials. The most viewed video of hers with 7 million views was “Get Ready with Me: Lunch Date Boho.” If you want to take inspiration from Carli, then make sure you follow her YouTube channel!

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Nikkie Tutorials

6.0 Million Followers

Nikkie’s passion for makeup was inspired by reality star, Lauren Conrad. Back in 2008, having spent a weekend watching The Hills, Nikkie was so impressed by the makeup of Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge, that she searched for The Hills makeup tutorials on YouTube. In fact, Nikkie became passionate about everything involving makeup after watching a bunch of videos on the same on YouTube channel!

After three months of perfecting the art of makeup, Nikki filmed her very first video and received positive feedback on her channel. With time, her channel became bigger and ended up being The Netherlands’ most watched and subscribed beauty channel! Nikkie even attended a makeup school to learn about professional makeup for photo shoots. Throughout her career, Nikkie has worked on several major projects such as Hollands & Beneluxs Next Top Model, and Miljoenenjacht & The Face. Additionally, she has worked on several projects for Linda, Marie Claire and Talkies and Fashionsta. In 2014, Nikkie started working as a Freelance Hair & Makeup Artist. Nikkie’s ultimate goal is doing covers for popular magazines. If you want to take a look at Nikkie’s YouTube channel, then make sure you subscribe to it. Every Wednesday and Sunday, Nikki posts new videos on her channel. Recently, Nikkie did a Wonder Woman inspired makeup look and we all know everybody is dying to learn how to look like the Amazon queen! Besides makeup tutorials, Nikkie also uploads videos on makeup challenges, products that are worth buying, or ones that are a complete fail. The makeup video uploaded by Nikkie with 20 million views was the Full Face Using Only Kids Makeup Challenge.

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