The Top 10 Hottest Instagram Models That’ll Heat You Up This Holiday Season!

Social media—Instagram in particular—is a place where people can express themselves in whatever ways they want. Some of these forms of expression are artistic in nature, while others are humorous, political, thought-provoking, or simply provocative. Talent is showcased in different ways and when it comes to the top 10 hottest Instagram models who’ve hit it big online and within the industry, that talent is mostly manifested in the form of physical beauty. Let’s face it; Instagram is the perfect platform for people to demonstrate the utmost vanity with very little abandon!

Social media is the best way for people to get noticed these days, whether they’re making viral videos for millions of people to enjoy or just showing off their natural assets! The best way to warm up this holiday season is to check out these steamy models as they turn up the temperature! Some of them you may have seen before—whether from lurking their steamy hot Instagram accounts or seeing them in ads for modeling campaigns—so it’s fair to say each of these babes deserves a spot on our list! The hardest part was choosing the top spot! So, without further ado, here are our picks for the top 10 hottest Instagram models of 2017!


Madi Edwards

563K Instagram Followers

This bodacious and busty blond beauty isn’t just an Instagram megastar; she’s also the owner and designer of Moda Society, a premier Australian clothing brand for chic and stylish women. Her Instagram account is full of pictures of Madi enjoying life; frolicking around on the beach in swimwear (that’s barely there) while sipping on tropical drinks. If you ever need to escape the mundane realities of your own life, then scrolling through Madi’s gorgeous Insta pics is the perfect way to help yourself unwind, however briefly it might be!
Follow her dreamy life on Instagram. Warning: May cause extreme envy!


Caroline Kelley

68K Instagram Followers

This 20-year-old up-and-coming Instagram bombshell has already worked with huge brands in the modeling industry, including Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret! It’s obvious that she has a lot of potential to accomplish great things and only time will tell what’s in store for her. One thing’s for sure right now, though: her adorably sexy all-American girl-next-door vibes are definitely going to land her more modeling work in the future!

Photo: Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Galinka Mirgaeva

2.3 Million Instagram Followers

It’s no wonder that this Russian Instagram beauty has managed to rack up over 2 million followers online, considering she posts a ton of provocative pictures of her tanned and perfectly toned physique all over social media! As an advocate of leading a healthy lifestyle, Mirgaeva’s Instagram account is littered with pictures and videos of her working out and there are also tons of images of her just relaxing by the pool or on the beach. And who can blame her? For someone who works out almost all the time, she definitely needs a little R & R!


Devin Brugman

1.3 Million Instagram Followers

Devin Brugman isn’t just a pretty face—she’s also one of the co-creators of A Bikini A Day, which she started with her best bud and fellow Instagram sensation, Tash Oakley. The main priority of this online initiative is to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle while also celebrating the duo’s favourite piece of swimwear: the bikini! Brugman and Oakley also co-founded another bikini-related brand called Monday Swimwear, which is constantly showcased on both of their Instagram accounts.

Photo: Alexander Tamargo / Stringer / Getty Images

Anna Herrin

169K Instagram Followers

There’s no doubt that Anna Herrin is enjoying her life as an Instagram modeling sensation. She loves traveling to exotic locations for photo shoots and there’s very little she isn’t willing to do during the long working hours or all in the name of getting the perfect shot! She’s ridden on the back of motorcycles, jet skis, hovered over the ocean in jet propellers, and even gotten within dangerously close proximity to snakes! All in a day’s work, though right? Anna is also an avid yogi who’s willing to bust out the mat any time and anywhere she feels like it…even in the middle of a shoot!


Erika Wheaton

150K Instagram Followers

Erika Wheaton is truly an enigma in and of herself. Not only is she extremely beautiful and intelligent, but at just 20 years of age, she’s also managed to launch her own line of swimwear called Beach Body Boutique. Obviously, this girl has both beauty, brains, and a strong work ethic all going for her, and her initiative to create a body-positive environment for people of all sizes, shapes, and colours is truly inspiring.


Cindy Mello

467K Instagram Followers

Cindy Mello is a 22-year-old Brazilian model who’s been in the game since her early teens. Although she currently lives in New York, she tries to travel back to Brazil as often as possible to visit her family there. She most recently worked on an ad campaign for the Misguided clothing brand, which was made famous by the stunning Pamela Anderson!


Charlie Austin

Over 50K Instagram Followers

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell which view is more stunning to behold: a gorgeous, scantily clad woman or the fantastic landscape that’s serving as the backdrop behind her. If you ever feel like you need to get away—or at least fantasize about getting away—then look no further than Charlie Austin’s Instagram account. This Australian beauty has participated in photo shoots in pretty much every exotic location you can possibly think of, and she certainly doesn’t shy away from showing as much skin as possible! Of course, she’s also an avid animal lover and when asked what her ideal dream job would be (aside from modeling), she revealed that she’d love to be the next Steve Irwin!


Jocelyn Chew

294K Instagram Followers

This half-Chinese-half Icelandic beauty has traveled all over the world to participate in some of the most daring, unusual, and scenic photo shoots ever! Judging by her steaming Instagram photos, it’s hard to believe that she grew up on a farm in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada! There’s nothing this 24-year-old beauty isn’t willing to do for work and there’s nowhere she isn’t willing to go, including climbing to the top of Canadian mountain peaks in the summertime just to get those perfect snowboarding images for a winter-themed photo shoot!

Photo: Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Liz Turner

742K Instagram Followers

Liz Turner is one of those Internet personalities who has everything going for her and she makes it seem so effortless! She’s young, beautiful, and incredibly bright. As someone who started her modeling career at a young age (she was still in high school when she first modeled for Seventeen and Teen Vogue), she made the courageous and intelligent decision to pursue higher education at Duke University as soon as she turned 18. With a degree under her belt, not to mention her extreme wanderlust and picturesque looks, it’s no wonder she’s gained over 700k Instagram followers!

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer / Stringer / Getty Images