The Top 10 “Insta-Boys” to Make You “Insta-Thirsty!” Instagram’s Hottest Male Models

It’s no surprise that those eager to earn fame are utilizing the tools of social media to get it. In today’s age, fame is easily acquired through followers, but it’s hard to cipher through the millions out there trying to hit it big. From songbirds to actors, to comedians and models, everyone is looking to stand out from the crowd and hone their craft as “the best.”

But with models, it’s a little different. It seems in this era of filters and easily altered images, anyone can post pictures and look like the best versions of themselves. And yes, true beauty lies on the inside, but there’s no denying some people are just born with physical beauty that stands out! And there’s no shame is gawking at their gorgeousness! We’ve focused our list this month on the male models of Instagram, who have turned heads with their hotness and landed themselves on the radar of many in the biz. Some of them you may have seen in ads, on the runway, in commercials, or even small roles; needless to say, they are all very easy on the eyes! The boys who landed on our list will undoubtedly get you a little hot and bothered, so just know that you’ve been warned; it’s about to get hot in here!

Here are the Top 10 Male Models on Instagram that we feel need a little recognition! Check out who topped our list! (Remember to be mindful of your drooling.)


Broderick Hunter


You might want to take a quick breather before we get into the fireball that is Broderick Hunter. Seriously, this boy is smooth and he’s got that devilish smile that just makes you want to get into trouble with him! He posts a lot of inspirational videos of himself on his Instagram and we are eating up every word he speaks. We like a man that can preach!
Broderick is quickly getting noticed for his gorgeous appearance and it’s even earning him acting roles! He made an appearance last season on “Insecure” and fans have been hoping to see him return! (It certainly doesn’t look like this boy has anything to be insecure about; have you scoped out his pictures yet?!)
Whether he’s preaching to fans about following their dreams, making us swoon with those serious model poses, or just lounging around in those heaven-sent boxer briefs, we have no qualms with losing ourselves in all of his sexy pictures. Drool…

He’s posted up in one photo just giving the middle finger and we’re not even mad.

Photo: Emma McIntyre / Stringer / Getty Images

Godfrey Gao


Is it possible to be sexy and adorable at the same time? Because, if so, Godfrey Gao has nailed it!
He’s a Taiwanese-Canadian model/actor who has already made a name for himself in the biz due to his incredible looks. He was born in Taipei, Taiwan but moved to Vancouver when he was young. In fact, you may recognize him from the on-screen adaptation of “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones,” as he plays the role of Magnus Bane, the Warlock.
But it looks like he’s got a bigger foot in the door with modeling; he’s actually the first Asian male to model for luxury brand, Louis Vuitton. However, he is currently expanding his acting resume as he’s set to appear in a few upcoming films this year.
He rocks a tux like no other and we’ve completely fallen in love with his sophisticated side. Whether he’s modeling the latest in men’s fashion, sipping wine in the vineyards, or working out in the gym, we must say we are completely smitten by this wicked Warlock! (He can put us under a spell anytime!)

Photo: Xaume Olleros / Stringer / Getty Images

Matthew Noszka


Blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a gaze that is too easy to get lost in, it’s easy to see why this stud landed on our list! He’s just gorgeous! Whether he’s dressed to the nines or wearing next-to-nothing at all, Matthew Noszka makes it look damn good! He’s got a body to die for and he’s walked the runway for some pretty big names. He’s an all-American boy who actually got discovered via Instagram! Now, he’s representated by Women / 360 Management.
Originally from Pittsburgh, he moved to New York City and went to university on a basketball scholarship! But he didn’t go the route of the court, and instead, began working odd construction jobs in the summer. While helping a friend build a deck, he posted a photo of himself and the completed project on Instagram, and it wasn’t long before modeling agents came knocking. Noszka signed with Wilhemia models and within days, he was booked for a modeling gig with Nike. He has since modeled for major brands like Nike, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Tom Ford, Montcler, and others. His most recent runway work includes walking for H&M!
It’s hard not to notice this Adonis and once you start lurking his photos, it’s hard not to look away! Give him a follow on Instagram and spend some time creepin’ away; you can thank us later.

Photo: Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

Travis DesLaurier


Travis DesLaurier looks almost too perfect to be real! His big blue eyes are enough to make anyone weak in the knees, but really, who’s looking at his eyes? It’s all about the abs on this boy! And, might we add, he’s got the hair that just completes his signature look. Unlike like most male models, Travis flashes the camera with his big, bright smile just as often as you see him smolder for professional shots. He really does have a million dollar smile, and we might just fall harder in love every time he flashes those pearly whites!
It’s evident that there’s one thing in this world that Travis DesLaurier loves more than anything—and that’s his cat, Jacob. He’s even created Jacob his own Instagram account!
Fun fact: Travis is from the North! He hails from Edmonton, Alberta in Canada and was originally a tradesman working in construction. (We wouldn’t mind seeing him in that hard hat!)
It was actually because of Jacob (his cat) that he earned online fame among the masses. One of his first videos that went viral (and likely launched his modeling career) was of him using Jacob as his weight to work out with! We don’t care what he’s using to work out with, we’d watch him doing anything, anywhere.

Photo: Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

Baptiste Giabiconi

1.1 Million Followers

This boys Instagram account should come with a warning: “Viewing this profile may cause your temperature to spike and may result in your heart racing!”
Some of his photos are downright naughty, not that any of us will be making a formal complaint!
He’s a French male model and singer from Marignane, France and is currently the male face of Chanel, Fendi, and Karl Lagerfeld. In 2008, he signed with DNA Model Management in New York and has since seriously cashed in on his looks. He’s also a talented singer, as well! But in truth, this boy’s beauty is what keeps fashion designers grasping at him for more.
And did we mention the boy can move, too?! He appeared on the French version of “Dancing with the Stars” in 2011 and reached the final 3!
It’s clear that whether on a beach, on a bike, on a boat, or half naked in a mechanic shop, fans can’t get enough of his “French baguette.” To be honest, neither can we!

Photo: Jacopo Raule / Stringer / Getty Images

Andre Hamman

1.1 Million Followers

Okay, prepare to fall in love…like one of those “love at first sight” types of love. One look at this beautiful man will have you seeing hearts, and we haven’t even revealed a thing about him!
First of all, he’s German—and don’t get it twisted, his accent may possibly make him even hotter. Not only that, he plays the guitar! (Of course, he does.) His Instagram is filled with mouth-watering photos of his deliciousness, and it’s clear he’s completely in love—with his dog, that is!
To be honest, it really doesn’t matter what he’s doing—or if he’s even striking a pose (he’s got that “look natural” thing down to a science), Hamann could be the one thing getting us through this cold winter.
And if you think you’ve seen his face before, it’s very possible you might have; he’s worked with some really big names in the biz, modeling for brands like Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss. And just how did he get his start walking runways? He was simply noticed off the street and asked to come to an audition! We can believe it; one look at this German gem and we’re sold, too!

Photo: Ben Gabbe / Stringer / Getty Images

Don Benjamin

2.2 Million Followers

If you look up the work “smolder” in the dictionary, there should be a picture of Don Benjamin’s glare.
This bright-eyed hottie is a budding model signed with some pretty big names in the industry, like Wilhelmina and LA Talent. He’s been the face among campaigns for big names like Guess, Moods of Norway, Tilly’s, and Pink Dolphin, and he was also a finalist on season 20 of “America’s Got Talent.”
It’s no surprise Don Benjamin is putting his looks to good use; he’s got the unique look of light eyes and olive skin. But he’s not just a handsome face; this badass hottie is hella talented, too. His music is defined as “smooth rap” and he’s even landed himself on the iTunes Overall Top Songs chart, officially announcing his arrival as an artist.
Raised in a rough neighborhood of southside Chicago, the tattooed stud has the look of a “bad boy” in the best way. He’s covered in tattoos (like, literally covered) and he isn’t afraid of showing them off!
But there’s a real soft side to this smoldering sweetie, and it looks like he loves dogs, too. He often posts inspirational quotes, showing us that he’s not all brawn; though we can’t say we’re complaining about the many revealing photos! We’re just gonna let our imaginations run away with us for a minute…

Photo: Bob Levey / Stringer / Getty Images

Brock O'Hurn

2.8 Million Followers

Brock O’ Baby!
If you haven’t been introduced to this California Heat Wave, then allow us to enlighten you!
Brock O’Hurn gained international fame through Instagram, originally making women swoon over his deliciously juicy “man-bun” (yes, back when “man-buns” were a thing.) It was a viral video of him shaking out his luscious hair (topless, of course) and giving the tingleys to all who watched.
He’s also absolutely, freaking huge. (Get your mind out of the gutter, we meant his physique!) He’s 6’7″ and he’s just ripped. He’s got arms that are just ginormous and you can literally count his abs (as if you’re not gawking at them already). Also, is it getting hotter in here?
Brock is every woman’s real-life “Fabio” (You know, the long-haired shirtless guy on the cover of every romance novel) and it’s easy to lose yourself in his blue eyes…and those luscious locks.
In fact, his hair may have actually been his ticket to fame! That viral video got him noticed and he caught the eye of Tyler Perry himself! He was seen in Perry’s “Boo! A Madea Halloween” and in 2016, he landed himself a main role in Tyler Perry’s scandalous hit show, “Too Close To Home.”
Do yourself a favor and creep a few of Brock’s steamy scenes. Your welcome.


Mariano Di Vaio

6.3 Million Followers

FACT: If you look directly into Mariano Di Vaio’s eyes, you will begin to feel your knees shake.
We fell in love with this particular “Jawline” within seconds of lurking his Instagram account; whether he’s shirtless on a bridge, a bike, the beach, or basically doing nothing at all, we can’t seem to stop stalking his photos online. Does he seem to get better looking the more we scroll, or is that just us?
He’s a father and a husband (more points) who travels the world to model, clearly living a life most dream of.
As an ambassador for brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Maserati, and Calvin Klein, this Italian Stallion is in high demand!
With a following of millions, Di Vaio is now gaining more fans than ever; he’s launched his own line of shoes, jewels, and eyewear. He can also now add “author” to his resume as he recently published his first book titled “My Dream Job.”
Smart, soulful, and incredibly gorgeous; we’re still drooling over this one.


Nick Bateman

6.7 Million Followers

Our #1 spot goes to a Canadian boy! Born Nicholas Yunge-Bateman in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, this handsome hottie was given to us from north of the border! Not only is he known for his gorgeous looks as a model, he’s a budding actor, too! He’s been seen in movies like “Hobo with a Shotgun” (2011) and “Topped Out” (2014). Rumor has it, he could have a role playing Gambit in an upcoming “X-Men” film!
It wouldn’t surprise us, and he wouldn’t need much training in terms of fight scenes—Bateman is actually trained in martial arts! Before he was walking the runway, he was training in the dojo, as his life revolved around Karate. He’s won a slew of championships and awards (including World Championship titles in Houston and Myrtle Beach in 2003.) Eventually, he opened his own Karate school in 2007 called The Bateman Martial Arts Academy.
It was actually during a martial arts competition in Miami in 2003 that Bateman was coerced by friends to enter a modeling contest. He caught the eye of many in the industry, launching his career and making him one of the hottest models on the market.
This Canadian cutie has gained a following of millions and it’s easy to see why he’s topped our list—he’s hotter than a firework on the 4th of July!