Are you one of the millions who go online in hopes of finding a new sugar daddy or sugar baby? It’s a growing trend, and it’s increasingly becoming more popular every year. But that means that as more people log on, online dating sites are becoming more and more saturated with new members, which can make it increasingly harder for your profile to stand out to a potential sugar daddy or sugar baby.

We’re here to help! A recent study out of the U.K. has revealed some very helpful insights into the world of online dating. It analyzed the online dating profiles of over 4,000 members to find out what exactly men and women are drawn to—it’s easier to make your profile stand out if you know exactly what your future sugar daddy or sugar baby is looking for.

We’ve taken the findings of the study and broken them down to reveal these proven secrets to master the art of online sugar daddy/sugar baby dating:

• Your pictures: If you’re going to post a picture of yourself, make sure it’s a full-body shot—dating profiles that included these kinds of photos received three times the number of messages. When it comes to the infamous “selfie” shot, it can work for a sugar baby—women got four percent more messages—but not really for a sugar daddy; men who posted selfies saw eight percent less messages. Also, stick to solo shots; people who posted pictures with a best friend were 42% less popular.

• Your relationship status: It seems women appreciate a man’s honesty when it comes to stating his past relationship status on his online dating profile. Sugar daddies, don’t feel the need to hide the fact that you’re divorced or separated—it’s been shown that male dating profiles that mention this saw an increase in messages by up to 52%.

• Your profile descriptions: Ignore the urge to go on and on about yourself in your online dating profile. Instead, keep the descriptions short and to the point. The study found that dating profiles with more than 200 words received 10% fewer messages, compared to those profiles that had 100- to 200-word descriptions. And pay close attention to your grammar and spelling. Dating profiles that were rifled with mistakes and text-speak, like “lol,” saw a 13% decrease in the number of incoming messages—and that goes for both sugar daddies and sugar babies, because it applied to both sexes.

What do you think: Do you have any of your own tips for finding a sugar daddy or sugar baby via dating web sites?


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