This collection of the ten best-looking Katy Perry pictures makes it quite clear that the pop superstar does not step out in a foreseen outfit! The singer is undoubtedly one of the most popular celebrity faces in music with a perfect blend of skill and fashion. Katy Perry’s record-breaking musical career has propelled her stardom and made her an influential icon around the world, thanks in part to her exceptional fashion stance in her music videos and wearing top designer outfits on the red carpets.

Her choice of mixing vibrant colors along with adding her own perky character has certainly given her a unique style. So in keeping with that trend, here are ten of the best pictures of Katy Perry trying on something totally different.

Katy Perry can wear two contrasting hats and still look stylish!

Katy wears


Katy looks stunning entangled in gold chains!

Katy looks stunningly entangled in gold chains

Katy still manages to tease fans even while being covered from head to toe

Katy manages a tease


Street swagger meets graffiti prints

Street swagger meets Graffiti

Blonde Katy almost reminds us of fashion queen Lady Gaga

Blonde Katy reminds us of fashion queen Lady Gaga

She can even work a bandana!

Katy perfectly works a bandanna


Katy Perry as a dazzling fairy

Katy perfectly works a bandanna

A proud supporter of Hillary Clinton

Katy Perry Hillary Clinton


Katy’s fruity fedora

Katy Perry fruity fedora



Glamorous and sexy, all at the same time

Guys freeze when Katy swings an Origami fan

Red lips and statement hair

Katy Perry Red lips


A fashionable way to greet fans

Surely a fashionable way to greet

Cornrows for an edgier look

Corn rolls and fashion blitz


Photos: Instagram/katyperry

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