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To say Tony Terzi is just a news anchor on Fox 61 is an understatement. The long-time journalist has not only reported occurrences on WTIC-TV, but he is part of the station’s legacy with his father—veteran journalist Al Terzi. Now the younger Terzi is taking his career in a different direction. Tony Terzi announced he is leaving Fox 61 in November 2022. Hartford residents naturally want to know where he is going next and if they will see him in broadcasting again. Find out what Tony Terzi said about his departure from WTIC Fox 61 here.

Tony Terzi Exits Fox 61

In 1984, Tony Terzi earned a degree in communication and media studies from Barry University in Miami, Florida, and a degree in mass communication from Central Connecticut State University in 1986. He’s worked in sales jobs in the past.

His initial foray into broadcast was as a radio host on WDRC in 2012. He was an on-air personality till 2016.

Tony Terzi joined the news team at WTIC Fox 61 in 2013. At that time, Channel 61 viewers had been familiar with another Terzi.

Al Terzi, Tony Terzi’s father, is dubbed the “Dean of Connecticut news anchors” for his decades of coverage in the Connecticut broadcasting scene. He started his career at the early version of WTIC and joined the TV station in 2012.

Al and Tony Terzi are the second father-son duo to co-anchor a newscast in broadcast history. Al Terzi retired in 2014, but the younger Terzi continued at Fox 61.

Now the anchor has decided to step away from broadcasting altogether. Tony Terzi announced he is leaving Fox 61 and not joining another broadcaster.

After his last day on the air at WTIC, Terzi is moving to Meriden, where he grew up. He begins his new job as the strategic communications specialist for the City of Meriden on November 14.

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Tony Terzi and his father leave a lasting legacy at Hartford. While Fox 61 viewers are dejected by the news, they wish him well.