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Actor Tommy Ford died in an Atlanta hospital due to a ruptured aneurysm in his abdomen. Starting out as an actor, he ventured into directing and producing TV shows, films, and theater productions. He was also a writer of children’s books. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends.

Fifty-two is such a young age to die. However, that’s the tragedy that befell actor Tommy Ford who passed away in an Atlanta area hospital on October 12, 2016, surrounded by his family and friends. Tommy Ford’s cause of death is listed as a ruptured aneurysm in his abdomen. Tommy Ford’s ex-wife, Gina Marie Sasso has confirmed Ford’s passing. Tributes from Ford’s friends and the acting community are pouring in for the late actor. Ford was famous for his comedic work on TV and he acted in a few films as well. In his memory, we bring you our Tommy Ford wiki in order to learn more about the late Martin star.

The Perfect Foil

Ford was a man with many talents. He was an actor, director, writer and motivational speaker. However, he was best known for his acting in the early ’90s. Ford got started on TV, when he appeared in the television series, A Different World. But his big break came when he started playing the role of Tommy Strawn in the hilarious ’90s sitcom, Martin. Comedian, Martin Lawrence was the star of the show but Ford was his costar and appeared in every episode of the show with Lawrence. While Lawrence had the author-backed role, Ford held his own as the straight character who stood up to Lawrence’s jokes. He received several awards for his performance in Martin.

The Pope of Comedy

Ford acted in several other TV series such as New York Undercover, The Parkers, Who’s Got Jokes, and Let’s Stay Together. He earned the nickname “The Pope of Comedy” because he appeared as a judge in the comedy series Who’s Got Jokes. In the last few years, Ford has acted in several films like Hillbilly Highway, Ivy League, No More Games, Hard Lessons, Mississippi Blues, and Back Court. He was also featured in the series Basketball Wives.

Getting Behind the Camera

After spending years in front of the camera, of late Ford was working on projects that took him behind the camera. He directed and produced several webisodes, television dramas and sitcom pilot episodes. Some of them include Ancestors, Troupe, Healing 100 Hearts, and Comedy Camp. He also directed and produced several films like Conflict of Interest, Baby Mamas Club, At Momu’s Feet, and Switching Lanes.

Guiding Young People

Not satisfied by all this activity, Ford decided to become an author. He launched a series of award-winning children’s books. These books are spreading the message of healthy, spiritual and non-violent living, while guiding young people in their quest to become better human beings.

Working in Theater

Ford branched out into theater productions, as well. He has produced, directed, and acted in several theater productions like Jonin, South of Where We Live, Monsoon Christmas, Living Room, and Distant Fires.

The Good Times

Ford also worked on TV Talk shows and documentaries to bring quality entertainment to audiences. All this work took up a lot of time and took its toll on Ford’s marriage. Ford married Gina Mari Sasso in Las Vegas in April of 1997. They had met when Sasso was on a business trip to Los Angeles. Comedian, Martin Lawrence was a groomsman at their wedding. They went to Aruba for their honeymoon. The couple have two children: a son and a daughter. Tommy Ford’s kids are named Thomas and Madison.

The Final Parting

His marriage fell apart and in 2014, and Ford and Sasso split. Ford was accused of being physically aggressive towards Sasso. He was also accused of using foul language towards her. Ford denied these charges but ultimately divorced from Sasso. However, when he was battling for his life on Sunday at the Atlanta hospital, Sasso was there to comfort him. Though his family prayed fervently hoping he would recover, he passed away on Wednesday, October 12 at the age of 52. He will surely be missed by all his family, friends and all the people who knew him.