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If you’re still caught up with the famous film Cast Away, you may still be asking yourself “What did Tom Hanks name his volleyball?” Well, to clarify, it was Wilson, and that ball was Tom Hanks’ best friend while he forged a life for himself as the sole survivor of a plane crash.

Tom Hanks movies have become fan favorites and the Tom Hanks net worth of $350.0 milliontruly reflects his success.

Tom Hanks’ birthday is today (July 9), and at the age of 60, not only does he have a beautiful house but also an equally famous family.

In light of Tom Hanks’ birthday, we’re going to reveal the Tom Hanks net worth along with his endorsements, movies, and much more. So, if you’ve ever asked yourself, “How rich is Tom Hanks?” we will gladly provide you with the numbers of his net worth and salary.

Breakdown of the Tom Hanks Net Worth

Net Worth (2016)$350.0 million
Salary (2010)$15.0 million
Earnings (2012)$26.0 million
Earnings (2011)$35.0 million


It’s interesting to note that unlike many other celebrities Tom Hanks does not do endorsements—sorry, but you won’t see him trying to sell you an iPhone or coffee maker after all. This has advertisers and marketer’s quite upset because Tom Hanks has been deemed as one of the most trustworthy actors. There go all those iPhone sales! But, as the Tom Hanks net worth reveals, we think he’s doing just fine without any endorsements.

Tom Hanks’ Childhood and Family Life

Tom Hanks was born in Concord, California, and although his family moved a lot due to his parent’s divorcing, he found his love in acting and switched his major to theater by his college years. By 1977, he was spending his summer’s acting in various Shakespeare plays, but it wasn’t until 1980 that he finally got his big break in the film He Knows You’re Alone, which got him spotted by ABC execs who cast him in the hit sitcom Bosom Buddies.

Tom Hanks’ wife is actress Rita Wilson, and the two have been married for 27 years. Tom Hanks sons Chester and Truman are with Wilson while his son Colin and daughter Elizabeth are children from his first marriage to Samantha Lewes.

Both Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have their own health problems with Hanks coming out and admitting to have Type 2 diabetes and Wilson undergoing a double mastectomy after experiencing a breast cancer scare. Wilson and Hanks have since confirmed that she is doing well.


Tom Hanks movies are generally huge blockbusters raking in serious cash. Tom Hanks starred in many television sitcoms, which gave him plenty of exposure, which then made it easier for him to land movie roles. Even in his early career, Hanks received rave reviews about his performance even if the film itself tanked.

His first major hit was the classic comedy film Big, in which he played a 35-year-old man who switches bodies with his 13-year-old son—who can forget that great scene with the large piano at FAO Schwartz?! His role in Big it landed Hanks with an Oscar nomination. After Big, Hanks could be seen in a variety of other films, but none that would do as well until the 1993 hit, Sleepless in Seattle.

Since then, Hanks has seen nothing but success and dollar signs to boot. Not only was Hanks acting, but he was directing, too. Hanks even provided his voice for the iconic character of Woody from the Toy Story movies. Hanks’ versatility began landing him a variety of roles, in whcih he seemed to excel each and every time.

Whether Hanks is behind or in front of the camera, success is close to follow.

Earnings of Tom Hanks Movies

MoviesIncome from Movies (*includes profit share)
Toy Story 4$15.0 million
Saving Mr. Banks$10.0 million
Toy Story 3$15.0 million
Angels & Demons$50.0 million*
The Da Vinci Code$18.0 million*
Cast Away$20.0 million
The Green Mile$20.0 million
Toy Story 2$5.0 million
You’ve Got Mail$20.0 million
Saving Private Ryan$40.0 million
Toy Story$50.0 thousand
Forest Gump$70.0 million*
Big$1.75 million


Tom Hanks House

As any big celebrity would when it comes to houses, Tom Hanks has plenty of real estate. Tom Hanks’ wife and family have recently put up for rent their three-bedroom house in Pacific Palisades, which means that for only $7,500 a month, you can very much live in the house of Tom Hanks! In the meantime, the family resides in another Pacific Palisades house that was purchased for $26.0 million and consists of four bedrooms and five bathrooms. In total, the Tom Hanks family has three homes in Pacific Palisades and a fourth home in Malibu.


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