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Happy birthday to NFL star Tom Brady, who turns 39 today, August 3! Granted, he probably doesn’t feel great about getting older and closer to retirement, but he’s had a pretty spectacular career with the New England Patriots thus far, including three Super Bowl victories (though he’d probably like us to forget 2015’s Deflategate). Tom Brady’s birthday is plenty enough reason to get to known the man better both on and off of the football field. If you were wondering about Tom Brady’s wife, Tom Brady’s net worth or even Tom Brady’s blunders, this is the article to read, and without the superfluous stats on the Tom Brady wiki page!

Tom Brady Bio

Thomas Brady, Jr. was born today, August 3, in 1977 in San Mateo, California, to mother Galynn Patricia and father Tom Brady, Sr. He is their fourth child and only son. As a child, he was already obsessed with football, regularly going to San Francisco 49ers games, where he found inspiration from 49ers quarterback and NFL legend, Joe Montana. However, football wasn’t the only sport he played in his youth, also noted as being a skilled baseball player. In fact, he was so good at baseball, that he was drafted in 1995 by the Montreal Expos! However, Brady was determined that if there was going to be any sport he played professionally, it was going to be football.


Tom Brady’s college football career took place at the University of Michigan from 1995 to 1999. He started as a backup quarterback and was seventh on the depth chart, having to work very hard to get time on the field during games. He even went so far as to hire a sports psychologist to help him cope with how frustrated he was at not getting any game time! He also worked with the school’s Assistant Athletic Director to help boost his confidence. He would go on to spend his final two years there as a starter, during which time he set school records. He ended his time on the team with an Orange Bowl win.


Tom Brady’s net worth of $120 million (including his yearly salary of $26.5 million) is well deserved, considering how much he has accomplished in the NFL. First and foremost is his four Super Bowl victories in 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2015. He’s actually been to the big game six different times, the most of any quarterback in history. He also has the NFL record for most division titles at 13, the most playoff wins of any quarter back ever, the most consecutive playoff wins (10), the most throws for passing yards/touchdowns in the postseason and most playoff game appearances for a quarterback. He was part of the Patriots’ first undefeated season since the expansion to 16-game seasons and he holds the team record for the longest consecutive win streak. To top it off, he and coach Bill Belichick are the most successful combination of quarterback and coach in league history!

Personal Life

Tom Brady’s wife is Gisele Bündchen, a supermodel from Brazil, who Brady met in late 2006 on a blind date set up by their mutual friend. They married in early 2009 and have two children together; son Benjamin Rein Brady (born December 2009) and daughter Vivian Lake Brady (born December 2012). Brady also has another son named John Edward Thomas Moynahan (born August 2007) with his ex-girlfriend, actress Bridget Moynahan.


Tom Brady’s suspension for four games at the beginning of the 2016 season came as a result of his role in the “Deflategate” scandal, in which the New England Patriots were accused of tampering with balls by slightly deflating them, making them easier to throw, catch and hold. Initially denying claims that the case had any merit and denying involvement, Brady would be the only player suspended as a result of the investigation, though he fought against the ruling heavily before finally accepting the suspension.