While Tom Bergeron is a recognizable face as the host of Dancing with the Stars, very few people know about his wife, Lois Bergeron. She avoids the media and lives in Greenwich, Connecticut, staying away from the glitz of Tinseltown. She is the mother of their two daughters and a pillar of support for Tom. We’ve got all you need to know about her here!

As Dancing with the Stars season 25 moves towards its finale, the spotlight continues to be on the show’s host, Tom Bergeron. With millions tuning into DWTS each week, interest in his personal life has peaked. Is Tom Bergeron married? People are eager to know about Tom Bergeron’s wife, Lois Bergeron, especially because she keeps such a low profile and is rarely in the spotlight. Here are a few details from Lois Bergeron’s wiki.

A Happy Marriage

Born on June 5, 1952, in the state of Massachusetts, Lois Bergeron’s age is 65. Tom Bergeron owns two homes, one in Los Angeles, California, and one in Greenwich, Connecticut. Lois and their kids live in Greenwich, far away from the limelight that Tom finds himself in. It was the couple’s decision to keep their children away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

A Close-Knit Family

Lois and Tom Bergeron have two daughters: Samantha and Jessica. The eldest, Jessica, worked as a production assistant at ABC after graduating from Emerson College. According to Jessicas’s IMDb profile, she worked in the art department asan assistant on ABC shows like Castle, Trophy Wife, and How to Get Away with Murder. Samantha was born on October 7, 1990, and is currently 27 years old.

Rarely Seen in Public

Lois Bergeron and her children have rarely made public appearances in Los Angeles. One of the few times the family were spotted together in public was at a 2014 after-party of the DWTS finale in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. So, how much money does Lois Bergeron have? There is no information on Lois Bergeron’s net worth, but Tom Bergeron has a reported net worth of $16.0 million, as of 2017.

A Pillar of Support

People who are looking for Lois Bergeron’s images are going to be disappointed because it looks like she is not on social media. The best thing about the couple’s marriage is that they are still happier than ever. On the show, a judge joked that Lois Bergeron is hot, to which Tom replied, “Yes, she is actually!” Tom Bergeron constantly keeps audiences entertained, and the main reason behind his thriving career is his unwavering pillar of support; his wife, Lois Bergeron.

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