(Photo by TOLGA AKMEN/AFP via Getty Images)

Since separating from his wife of 25 years in 2011, 66-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger was rumored to be dating 38-year-old physiotherapist Heather Milligan—the pair were recently spotted making out after enjoying a dinner together. But according to Schwarzenegger’s former co-star, Tom Arnold, the actor gets a lot more action than that.

The comedian claimed that Schwarzenegger has a harem of women, many of whom are presumably younger, to fulfill his “tremendous sex drive,” which is linked to his extreme fitness regimen. “He does have a lot of needs and he believes it is all part of the fitness,” said Arnold. “Five times a day, as he says. It is a good number.”

Arnold also reportedly claimed that Schwarzenegger has a number of built men who live at his L.A. mansion and their job is to work out and flaunt their muscles on the celebrity’s front yard.

It sounds like a joke, especially considering Arnold’s comedic background, but it’s not really that far-fetched if you think about it. Even if Schwarzenegger is really dating Milligan, monogamy isn’t really his strong suit, considering he cheated on his wife several times, including with one of their longtime housekeepers. In the past, Schwarzenegger has also compared pumping iron and posing in front of thousands of people to having multiple orgasms.

What do you think: Is having sex five times a day reasonable?


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