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Erica Herman was a manager at Tiger Woods’ restaurant called The Woods, before she became his girlfriend. The couple has been spotted together several times during the last year. While some have called her a gold digger, Herman has not said anything about her relationship with Woods to the media. The couple seems to be happy together, but many are unfamiliar with Wood’s new lady. Who is Erica Herman? Read on to find out!

Even though Erica Herman and Tiger Woods have been seen together in the past, people weren’t sure if they were a couple or not. However, their dinner date in Malibu, California, on Thursday, February 15, 2018, left no doubt in people’s mind that the two are officially a couple. The published photos of their date pretty much confirmed that Herman is the new woman in Woods’ life.

Herman has known Woods for a while now, as she was a manager at Woods’ pop-up restaurant, The Woods. According to sources, Herman began dating Woods in September 2017, and the pair was sighted together at the Presidents Cup tournament held in October 2017. People are curious to know who Tiger Woods is dating, so we bring you some details from Erica Herman’s wiki.

An Experienced Professional

Born on February 15, 1984, Erica Herman’s age is 34. Her full name is Erica Fallon Herman, and she has an older brother named Scott who’s around 36 years old. Before becoming a general manager in Woods’ restaurant located in Jupiter, Florida, Herman was working at the Aura Bar & Restaurant in Orlando, Florida.


A Parting of Ways

Herman is the latest addition to Tiger Woods’ long list of girlfriends over the years. Before hooking up with Herman, Woods was involved with his previous girlfriend, Kristin Smith for about a year before the relationship fell apart. According to sources, Woods and Smith parted ways because of his recent legal troubles that left her overwhelmed and stressed out.

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They Just Wanna Have Fun

When Herman was spotted with Woods at multiple sporting events in 2017, there was some speculation about their relationship. At that time, a source close to them said to People magazine, “They’re having fun. He’s not looking at anything serious now. She’s cool, and he likes her.”

In February 2017, when Woods opened his pop-up restaurant called The Woods at the Genesis Open at The Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles, Herman was also closely involved.

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Sharing Their Restaurant Experience

Herman was quoted saying about the new restaurant, “We are bringing the TGR expertise and experience to a live event. It’s just a taste of our menu. This is one way of our sharing what we have learned and done. It’s a great opportunity for people to see what we can do.”

She Was in a Relationship Earlier

Herman worked at The Woods until October 2017, but it is not clear if she is still an employee there or not. Before she became Woods’ girlfriend, Herman was reported to be in a relationship with Jesse Newton. They were even business partners. Newton is reportedly the President and CEO of Jin & Tonic Hospitality Group and works out of Orlando, Florida.


Unkind Words about Herman

Some people have been quite uncharitable toward Herman while describing her as a person. One source has described Herman as a “hard partier” and a “gold digger.” This source who worked with Herman for almost five years said that Herman had had her eyes on Woods for years and was all over him when she got the chance to meet him regularly.

Happy with Her New Beau

The source added, “Erica’s been chasing Tiger around like a puppy for close to 10 years. I’m not sure if his wife knew, but I’m not sure how she couldn’t know. I can’t believe Tiger’s out in public with her now.”

No matter what people say about her, the fact is that Herman is now with Woods, and from their behavior, it is obvious that she is one happy girl.

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