The very dangerous Tide Pod Challenge has taken over the Internet, and people are actually eating the detergent meant for washing clothes! So, what is the Tide Pod Challenge? It supposedly started as an innocent challenge on social media where people were challenging one another to see who kept their clothes the cleanest. But in a bizarre twist, teens began putting the squishy, detergent-filled pods in their mouths.

Currently, Tide Pod Challenge memes have taken the Internet by storm. And people are actually calling out to all those who are thinking of putting the pod in their mouths, to stop!

YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram have all taken down videos that show teens chewing Tide pods. The Tide Pod Challenge videos are disturbing, as they show people foaming at the mouth or throwing up.

The stupid and dangerous challenge spread across the Internet in January, less than two years after the horrifying Blue Whale Challenge. Now people are wondering where the world is headed next!

Now, Tide is trying to do all they can to spread the message on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram that their pods are poisonous. However, many others are looking at the lighter side of the issue and are even poking fun at it. Yes, that’s how ridiculous it seems.

Check out these 10 hilarious eating Tide Pod memes. And, please stop anyone you know who wants to take the challenge!

#1. We Know a Bluff When We See One

#2. No God, Please No!

#3. What a Great Intention

#4. Earth to Poison Control, Help Me!

#5. Well in That Case, You’re Safe

#6. A New Spin on Washing out Your Mouth with Soap?

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#7. It Doesn’t Taste as Good as You May Think

It Doesn’t Taste as Good as You May Think

#8. You Said It, Soldier!

#9. Read it, and Memorize it!

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#10. Is This What the World Has Come To?