Thomas Girardi, Erika Jayne’s Husband: 5 Facts to Know

Thomas Girardi Erika Jayne Husband DWTS

Erika Jayne from Dancing with the Stars is certainly showing off her moves on the dance floor! But who is the 45-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills married to? Let us learn a little about Erika Jayne’s husband, Thomas Girardi.

Thomas Girardi is a prominent attorney and the husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and Dancing with the Stars contestant, Erika Jayne. Thomas is very supportive of his wife’s ambitions and career. Despite their age difference, they have a very happy life. But who is the powerful man? We have a few facts about Thomas Girardi, right here.

Thomas Girardi’s Wiki

Thomas Vincent Girardi was born on June 3, 1939, in Denver, Colorado. Although Thomas’ age is 77, he is still a practicing lawyer. In 1957, he graduated from Loyola High School in Los Angeles. In 1961, he completed his undergraduate degree from Loyola Marymount University and finished his L.L.M. from New York University in 1965.


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His Case was Featured in the Movie, Erin Brockovich

If you have seen the movie, Erin Brockovich (starring Julia Roberts), then you might know the storyline. Well, Thomas Girardi’s fame partly comes from the lawsuit against Pacific Gas & Electric, which inspired the movie that won Julia Roberts an Oscar. Thomas’ role in the film was named Kurt Potter (portrayed by Peter Coyote). During an interview, Thomas said, “I was on the set every day and it was a true story. The thing that was good about it was that it did bring up a subject that nobody really gave any thought to before that time and obviously to see Julia Roberts five days a week wasn’t too bad either.” The real case was finally settled in 1993.


Thomas Girardi’s Net Worth is Approximately $11.0 million

Thomas is a well-established lawyer and one of the founding partners of Girardi & Keese. So, it comes as no surprise that Thomas lives a very lavish life. The house he shares with his wife is massive and even has its own chapel! His net worth is estimated to be $11.0 million.


In 1970, Thomas was the first lawyer in the State of California to win $1.0 million for a medical malpractice case. From then on, there was no looking back. He has handled more than 30 cases worth more than $1.0 million and has more than 100 settlements that were worth $1.0 million.


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Thomas Girardi Married Erika Jayne in 1999

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When Erika was living in Los Angeles and waiting tables, she met her future husband. Though there is almost a 32-year age difference between them, they are truly in love. Erika revealed that she had been called a gold digger in the past, but she says she does not care about whatever people think about their relationship.

Thomas is Very Picky about His Cases

For a man who has been working for more than five decades with a successful record, Thomas Girardi can be quite picky about his cases. In an interview, he said, “First, I look for people who’ve been harmed by bad conduct of another —be that the way the automobile is designed or toxic chemicals people were exposed to. Then, I look at cases, even if they’re not too big, that have a good moral aspect to them. Finally, I take in some cases that aren’t huge, but I want the young lawyers of this law firm to try good cases.”

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