Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs from Southern Charm (Photo: Paul Cheney/Bravo)

If you’re a Southern Charm fan, then you probably want to know if Thomas and Ashley are still together —especially after last night’s explosive episode! Ashley was drunk, Kathryn was defensive, and everyone else watched patiently as the claws came out!

While Kathryn and Ashley were still at it, nobody but Thomas decided to step in and stop the cat fight. But it looked like he didn’t want to disappoint Ashley, or put himself in an awkward situation with his ex, so he kept mum. While the complicated relationship between Thomas and Kathryn sits in Ashley’s hands, his silence may have led to a rift between him and his new girlfriend.

Ashley or Kathryn?

Thomas and Kathryn are parents to two adorable children, but things didn’t work out between the couple. They were happily co-parenting when Ashley came into their lives.

Katheryn and Ashley seemed to have gotten off on the wrong foot, as the name calling started almost immediately. Ashley told Katheryn that she was just “a baby mama” and an “egg donor.” Katheryn, meanwhile, commented that Ashely would “be gone in a week.”

The tension between the two women in his life may have put Thomas in a sticky situation before, but it looks like he’s making the best of it now.

Thomas apparently goes to Kathryn for all kinds of advice. According to his ex, “He opens up to me and he will vent about it.” The “it” being his relationship with Ashley!

Kathryn might have been a handful in the past, but lately it looks like she’s his tall glass of wine after a long day at work!

Though he seems to be in a comfortable place with Kathryn, Thomas is still very much in a loving relationship with Ashley.

Ashley and Kathryn have had more than their fare share of debates, but Ashley might have gone too far at dinner, as seen in the cringeworthy clip below:

A Long Way to Go

Thomas and Ashley met a year ago, and clearly have strong feelings for each other —despite their obstacles.

Many fans are hoping that, considering their close relationship, Thomas and Katheryn might get back together. After all, he does talk to her about things with Ashley. Unfortunately for those fans, it looks like Thomas and Ashley are only getting closer.

Just take a look at their social media accounts! The two are so close, and it’s clear that they are in love.

However, some comments from fans have led both to come forward and defend their relationship.

The couple often post pictures spending quality time together, and by the looks of their recent posts, they’re very much still together!

Ashley and Thomas Take a Selfie

Ashley and Thomas Take a Selfie (Photo: Instagram/ashleyhjacobs)

So, it’s probably safe to say that Thomas and Ashley are still going strong. She already gets along with his children, and fits in well in his life.

Ashley and Kathryn may still need to work on getting along, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Katheryn admitted that she is willing to continue giving Thomas advice on how he can make things worth with Ashley, and it’s possible that the women will work to repair their relationship.

Even though there is still a rift between the mother of Thomas’ children and his current girlfriend, things finally seem to be coming together. Kathryn knows that Thomas and Ashley’s relationship is serious, and Thomas even spoke out to say that Ashley criticizing Kathryn’s parenting was uncalled for, which could mean that she’ll work to make things right with Kathryn.

The next episode of Bravo’s Southern Charm will air June 7, 2018, at 9:00 p.m. EST, and we can only wait and see what drama it’ll bring next!