Girls star Lena Dunham recently shared a side-by-side photo of her and a beloved character from the Dr. Seuss classic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. However, we were feeling a little inspired by the holiday spirit, and decided to share this story in true Dr. Seuss style!


Lena Dunham’s Discovers Her Twin


Most would people would hate being called “Grinch” a lot.
Except for Lena Dunham, who simply did not!

She posted on Instagram that she looks like Grinch as a baby.
“Deeply understood,” she claimed feeling. But was she joking? Maybe!
The photo compares faces, both scrunched up and cute.
Dunham even did up her hair too, to boot!

A Lenny Letter employee is who compared the two;
Lenny Letter is Dunham’s newsletter with a feminist view.
It launched in September, its reader base climbing.
(Though sadly, it lacks the Grinch story’s rhyming.)
Over 53,000 fans thought the Girls star made their day,
And close to 4,000 had something to say!
Many gave thanks for the laugh, others wrote “lol”
But the comparison? Nobody thought it to be a hard sell!
“Why I love Lena, exhibit a,” one fan said,
While others laughed so hard they claimed they were dead.
And with so many reposts of what Dunham had to say,
It’s likely her fan base grew three sizes that day!

Baby Grinch appeared in Jim Carrey’s 2000 take.
Should Dunham consider trying for a remake?
After all, she announced Girls season 6 as the last,
Though she only said “likely,” so are our conclusions too fast?
She is also a recent Golden Globes nominee,
So you can probably expect Lena Dunham to stay on your TV!



Photos: Facebook/lenadunham

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