Happy Throwback Thursday! This week, our celebrity throwback image comes to us courtesy of long-time model Cindy Crawford and TV network MTV. And if you want to know just how far back this photo is, consider this: it’s from when MTV still showed music videos!

From 1989 to 1995, Crawford hosted MTV’s House of Style, a show based around fashion, models, and the modelling industry. The show actually ran until 2000, with a one-episode revival in 2012 and a subsequent web series in 2014. Other models hosted the show, including Bar Refaeli for the 2012 one-shot and Iggy Azalea for the web series, but none held the role as long as Crawford did.

Remembering those days—that’s the point of Throwback Thursday, after all—Cindy Crawford posted a black and white photo from her time as host of the hit show. She wrote, “#TBT Boys club. Power suit via @MTV,” to go along with the photo and boy, she wasn’t kidding! Dressed incredibly professional for a show about fashion, Crawford faces the camera while holding a mic and speaking, hinting this pic was taken in the middle of filming. Oh, and being surrounded by a group of handsome, well-dressed men probably had something to do with why she chose this photo to share.



Over 10,000 fans have liked the picture so far, with a few thinking they figured out who at least one of the men is: All My Children and Rizzoli & Isles star Colin Egglesfield (farthest to the right). That being said, all the men received their fair amount attention, with comments like, “The guy with a beige coat behind Cindy is beautiful!!” and, “Wow that guy on the right is gorgeous! Who the heck was he??” But Crawford needn’t feel bad; her fans noticed her beauty, as well!

Cindy Crawford has since retired from both House of Style and modelling, but the superstar still keeps busy. Most recently, she co-wrote a book about her life and career, titled Becoming and published in September. And you can be sure there’s a chapter or two in there about her time on MTV! Although she’s no longer modelling, there’s no doubt that at 49, she looks better than ever.

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