How many 58-year-olds do you know who can do a perfect headstand with their logs crossed in the air? Russell Simmons apparently can.

The business magnate just posted a picture on his Instagram account of (presumably) himself doing the headstand yoga pose, also known as the Sirsasana pose to yoga pros, alongside a fit, bikini-clad blonde. “Practice smiling in difficult poses on and off the Mat,” he added in the caption.

Simmons is known for sharing motivating and uplifting messages via social media, but many people are surprised to hear that the multimillionaire is also an extremely well-versed yogi. He reportedly practices the art of Jivamukti Yoga, which focuses on devotion, humility, non-violence, self-awareness, and social activism.


Practice smiling in difficult poses on and off the Mat

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Although he’s admitted that he first started going to yoga classes as a way to meet hot women, he became hooked to the practice. And through yoga, Simmons also discovered the art of meditation. In fact, Simmons believes yoga and meditation are so powerful that he actually credits them for helping him become the successful business mogul and entrepreneur he is today. In an article that he wrote last year for Entrepreneur magazine, Simmons said, “I can promise you that no tool has made me a smarter, more focused and clearer thinking entrepreneur than meditation. I would not be living in my incredible home, surrounded by fun toys, if it were not for meditation.” (Keep in mind Russell Simmons has an estimated net worth today of about $340 million.)

Believe it or not, Simmons has even published two self-help books about yoga, meditation, and how they can make you more successful. Super Rich: A Guide to Having It All was published in 2011 and Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Easy in 2014.


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