There has been so much research on the topic of affairs, specifically why some people are more prone to cheating than others. For instance, one study recently revealed that people who are narcissistic about their sex life and skills are more likely to have an affair. And other research by a dating web site for aspiring cheaters has found that more women tend to seek out affairs the day after Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, because they feel disappointed and underappreciated.

Another dating web site for people seeking out affairs has done some research of their own into why women cheat, and the results are pretty surprising—almost three-quarters (73%) of the 6,000 female members polled said that they had an affair simply because their partner had certain character flaws and behaviors that annoyed them.

According to the survey results, the most annoying character trait was being too serious—19% of the women said they had an affair because their partner didn’t have a good sense of humor, followed by 16% who strayed because they felt like their partner didn’t understand them enough. Surprisingly, bad sex was the third (14%) most common reason for these women to have an affair.


Other irritating behaviors that led women to seek out affairs included not having proper manners (11%), being lazy and not having a life plan (10%), not being successful enough (seven percent), and being stingy (four percent).

While we agree that these can definitely be unattractive qualities in a partner, they’re hardly enough to justify an affair. If you’re so unhappy in your May-December relationship that his sense of humor is enough to make you cheat, then you really shouldn’t be in that relationship, because it’s obviously not a healthy one. Of course, every relationship is different and has its own circumstances, but many of these excuses are likely signs of a bigger underlying problem between you and your partner.

Plus, a lot of the qualities on this list are things you should rule out before you enter into a committed relationship. If your older man doesn’t have a sense of humor, isn’t understanding, or is bad in bed and these things are important to you, then what are you keeping him around for?

What do you think: Would these character traits and behaviors be enough to push you into an affair, or would you just end the relationship?



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