This Is How Older Men Get You Into Bed


Have you ever secretly wished that you could read your older man’s mind? Wouldn’t you love to know what turns them on and what makes them tick? It would definitely be easier to make the relationship work, especially when there’s a large age difference, if you know what they’re thinking.

A popular men’s lifestyle web site recently conducted a survey to get their male readers’ take on women, love, relationships, and sex. The findings, collected from approximately 10,000 participants, offer some unique insight for women who want to understand their older man a little better.

When it comes to what appeals most to your older man, the most important quality in a partner seems to be how attractive they are, followed by how smart the woman is. That might explain why so many older men seek out relationships with younger women—they’re pleasing to the eye, but can still hold a conversation.

The survey also asked what the biggest dealbreaker is in a relationship. A whopping 81% said they’d break off the relationship if their partner was rude. Not surprisingly, 61% said being unattractive is a dealbreaker, while one-third said being overweight or having a bad sense of style. So, what does this mean for ladies? Well, it clearly pays to play nice, and if your older man tells you that looks don’t matter, there’s a good chance he’s lying to you.


Speaking of lying, when asked what the biggest lie they’ve ever told a woman just to have sex with her, almost half said, “That I’m interested in a relationship.” So, if your relationship with an older man is still in its early stages, don’t be surprised if sex changes things.

What do you think: What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to know about your older man?



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