We recently shared a scientific study with you that revealed a connection between marriage and heart health—it showed that marriage can actually reduce the risk of heart disease for older men. But comedian Andrew Dice Clay, 56, and his much younger wife, 31-year-old Valerie Vasquez, might beg to differ.

The celebrity couple has filed for divorce after four years of marriage, but here’s the kicker—they’re still staying together. Andrew Dice Clay says he’s still very much in love with his wife, and vice versa, but their May-December relationship suffered significantly since walking down the aisle in February 2010. So, to try and salvage their May-December relationship, the celebrity couple will divorce and go back to just dating—talk about having the best of both worlds.

“The word ‘marriage’ was putting a pressure on our relationship and since we filed [for divorce], we’ve been more in love and have had more respect for each other than ever before,” said Clay, adding that they even celebrated their divorce together with a romantic dinner.


What do you think: Do you agree that getting married can put a strain on a May-December relationship? Would you ever agree to a divorce, but still stay together?


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Photo Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

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