You would think that Taylor Swift never takes a day off; after all, nobody could be in the running for so many Grammy awards otherwise. (She has seven, to be exact.) But even the biggest of music sensations needs a well-deserved day off. Only Swift spends hers a little differently—with fellow celebrity Blake Lively!

The music artist recently took to Instagram to post a pic of herself and Lively mid-jump at Warner Bros. Movie World, a theme park in Queensland, Australia. The caption reads, “Yesterday was such an amazing day off– roller coasters, kangaroos and LOLs with @blakelively [flower emoticon] See you tonight, Adelaide!”

The pair also posed for “selfies” with some overeager “fans”—kangaroos. The animals apparently didn’t know just how lucky they were to meet the stars, at times outright ignoring them! One was more interested in the camera: “Selfie game was strong …until I got photobombed by some crazy fan,” Lively wrote on her own Instagram, adding, “Where’s security when you need it.”


Photo: Instagram/taylorswift

There were more than enough people who were jealous of the pair, with one of the posts even receiving a whopping two million likes! Swift is known for having famous friends, but even still, followers showed awe over the fact that these two stars were hanging out and many lamented about being able hang out with them as well. “My two favorite celebrities in one pic! [sic]” wrote one elated fan. As for the un-photogenic animals, people suggested that Swift even write a song about them. And hey, since they’re animals, no need to pay them royalties when it’s inevitably a hit single!

Lively is in Australia to film scenes for her latest film, The Shallows, in which she plays a woman trapped on a buoy far from shore and faced with a deadly shark. Swift, of course, is in town as part of her “1989” tour; these recent performances come after the star treated her road crew to some time off in the Land Down Under.

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