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Cat memes have taken over the Internet! There’s a cat meme for every occasion, trend, and celebrity gaffe. Why should Thanksgiving be spared from this cat meme craze?

Not a day goes by when we don’t look at at least one cat meme. These balls of fluff just liven up the day! There’s a cat meme for every occasion. Even Thanksgiving has been taken over by the cat craze. Check out these cute and funny cat memes for a fun and happy Thanksgiving.

#1. My Turkey is Mine. Your Turkey is Also Mine

thanksgiving cat memes

#2. Grumpy Cat Cannot be Pleased

thanksgiving cat memes 2016


#3. Why Wait for Everyone Else to be Served?

best thanksgiving cat memes

#4. Looking Forward to Growing Up

best thanksgiving cat memes 2016

#5. Thankful for Not Being Caught Sneaking Food

thanksgiving funny cats meme

#6. Aww… Wait What?

thanksgiving memes

#7. Never Too Much Turkey

thanksgiving memes 2016


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