Theresa Caputo gained fame for helping people connect with their deceased loved ones on  Long Island Medium, which also stars her husband, Larry Caputo. As the show’s latest season premiered last night, Theresa recently revealed that the couple are going through marriage problems. Keep reading to know more about Theresa Caputo’s husband. 

Larry Caputo is best known for being Theresa Caputo’s husband on TLC’s hit reality show, Long Island Medium, which has seen seven successful seasons. The show follows Theresa and Larry Caputo, together with their two children, Larry Jr. and Victoria, as Theresa performs her work as a spiritual medium in Long Island, NY. Larry frequently talks about his life, health, and strong marriage. But it was recently revealed that their marriage may not be as rock solid anymore.

From Restaurant Owner to Reality Star

Born in Bayville, New York on August 31, 1956, Larry Caputo’s age is 61. He currently lives in Hicksville with Theresa and their children.


Larry was a food business owner who retired at the age of 55, just before season 1 of Long Island Medium premiered. He then went on to be a big part of the show as Theresa’s supporting husband.

He played hockey for most of his life, and coached his son’s hockey team. He is also an animal love and has a number of pets.

He is a big fan of tattoos and motorcycles. The company Big Larry Apparel combined his “love for tattoo art, motorcycles, and fashion,” but it looks like the online store is no longer in business.

With his ventures, Larry Caputo’s net worth is estimated to be about $3.0 million, thanks to the television show and his work.

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Trouble Brewing in Paradise

Larry and Theresa Caputo got married in 1989, and though they seem to be going strong on TV, it looks like things have changed.

People shared a short teaser of the new season of Long Island Medium, which shows Theresa confiding in her friend about her marriage.


She talked about her relationship with Larry changing, something he later echoed. Some fans have speculated that the reason for their problems might have to do with Larry Caputo’s stroke, but that has yet to be seen.

Life on Long Island Medium

The Caputo family had much of their lives on displayed on television. Long Island Medium gave Theresa Caputo a platform to use her psychic powers in order to connect with spirits, and offer comfort to those who are grieving. She often travels to different cities for conferences and readings.

Earlier this year, she spoke of having her brain tested by doctors to prove that she does possess a supernatural gift. Theresa tried her best to show that she does and that it is not an act.

The new season features celebrities like This Is Us’ Chrissy Metz, singer Mark McGrath, and more.

It is also sure to put a spotlight on Larry and Theresa Caputo’s marriage, so we’ll need to tune in to see if they work things out.

Season 8 of Long Island Medium airs Monday nights on TLC.

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