The Weird Reason Women in China Have a Big Advantage Over Their Sugar Daddies


China is believed to have one of the widest gender imbalances in the world, thanks to the country’s strict family planning policies back in the 80s. Last year, there were believed to be only 100 women for every 118 men, which is part of the reason why so many of the older men are now struggling to find suitable women.

It’s been especially tough for rich men, not that they have a problem finding women looking for rich men. But in spending their time making their money and living their lavish millionaire dating lives, these rich men often have a hard time meeting the type of women who are actually marriage material.

To solve this millionaire dating problem, one man decided to start throwing high-end matchmaker parties to help these rich men find not only women looking for rich men, but women who would also be suitable for marriage. In order to attend one of these luxurious parties, participants must have capital net worth of at least $16.5 million.

Women looking for rich men by attending one of these high-end millionaire dating parties are required to go through a strict filtering process. The process and requirements differ from one city to the next, but here’s the general breakdown.


First, these women looking for rich men must provide intimate information about themselves, like their family background, hobbies, and skills, as well as their height, weight, and other measurements. The women must then be interviewed and are given a ranking in the form of a “grade.” The next step for the women in this millionaire dating process is to demonstrate their household skills, along with their personal talents or skills. In some cases, the parents of a young woman will reportedly attend the millionaire dating party in order to try and secure a rich man for her.

These millionaire dating parties have certainly received mixed reviews. Some people argue that it’s disrespectful and degrading to the women, and yet others are all for the pragmatic approach to millionaire dating.

In any case, it seems to work. Upon launching in 2012, this millionaire dating technique has only grown in popularity. The millionaire dating parties are now being held in most big cities in China, including Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shanghai, and it’s still spreading to other viable markets.


What do you think: Would you attend a millionaire dating party like this to find a husband?


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