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It’s amazing how busy a life Kim Kardashian leads. With her fame, wealth, and marriage to Kanye West, she could easily coast on her success. While many would say she hasn’t earned her place in the spotlight, she appears to be working to prove the naysayers wrong by making public appearances, extending the reach of her brand, and keeping active on social media. And, in some cases, she made headlines without being directly involved at all! We’ve put together the 5 newsworthy Kim Kardashian stories from this week. So, what has Kim Kardashian been up to this week?

Here Is This Week’s Top News on Kim Kardashian

Kim and Emily Nude Selfie

Kardashian’s Instagram lit up on Thursday when she posted a selfie of herself with model and actress Emily Ratajkowski, featuring the pair flipping off the mirror—oh yeah, and they were completely topless, too! The image was taken in what appears to be a bathroom, with the text reading, “When we’re like…we both have nothing to wear LOL.” Somehow, we don’t think either of these women is short on clothes.

Emily Ratajkowski has had a busy week herself, given some recent photo shoots, and her fame increased quite a bit when Kim’s Instagram pic went live, with her own Instagram likely seeing quite a boost in the number of followers.


Kim K. Was Hitting on Spencer Pratt?

Television personality Spencer Pratt has been out of the public eye recently, having most recently kept his appearances to podcasts and minor spots on reality shows. So, it should come as no surprise that he’s a bit stuck in the past, as a recent Throwback Thursday tweet shows.

The tweet, sent to Pratt on May 18, 2009, comes from Kim Kardashian (duh) and reads, “are u in town next week? Reggie & I will both be in LA! [sic]” “Reggie” likely refers to NFL running back Reggie Bush, whom Kardashian dated in 2009; they split about a month after this tweet was posted. In regards to the tweet, the Pratt of 2016 wrote, “Wow things have def changed. [sic] The only question is if he’s referring to Kim’s relationship status or her actually acknowledging him.

Amber Rose is Accused of Copying Kim K.’s Emoji App

Apparently a serious relationship with Kanye West isn’t the only thing Kim Kardashian and model/actress Amber Rose have in common. Rose recently launched a new app, “MuvaMoji,” which gives users access to “over 900 brand new emoji personally curated by Muva herself,” according to the Apple Store description.

But according to Hollywood Life, fans have been quick to notice the similarities between MuvaMoji and Kardashian’s “KIMOJI” app, which, besides being alike in nature, also appear to share a lot of the selections—enough to be noticeable despite MuvaMoji’s over-900 options! However, this criticism is unlike to faze Amber Rose much; the Daily Mail reported that the app had already made a whopping $4.0 million within just 48 hours of its release.

Kim Keeps Tagging a Random Teen

In case you follow her on social media and were wondering, this is why Kim Kardashian keeps on tagging a teenager from Turkey: because “L” and “I” look the same in a URL.


Kardashian is friends with a man named Mert Alas, a Turkish photographer of celebrities and models whose Twitter and Instagram handled is “mertaIas,” with a capital “I” instead of an “L.” But apparently, his friend Kim wasn’t aware that he wasn’t the one with the proper spelling of his name for a handle, and instead has been tagging another Turkish teenager named Mert Alas, who uses the proper “mertalas” on Twitter. And what’s worse is that Kim, as of this writing, still hasn’t realized the mistake!


Kim K. Will Be Hosting Hakkasan

Hakkasan is a Las Vegas nightclub that is big on extravagance. Located at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, the club includes a lounge, restaurant, hotel accommodations, VIP tables, and more; the club is so big it even has its own podcast!

The club will be celebrating its three-year anniversary on April 8, and since it has already been host to a number of special guests, performances and events, it knew who they got for Hakkasan’s birthday had to be big. And the person they chose to host the event is Kim Kardashian! She announced the news on her Instagram along with the promotional image for her appearance. No words yet on if there will be any other appearances, but they can’t get much bigger than Kim K.!

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