Cast members of the hit show, The Walking Dead, recently honored one of their die-hard fans, Lisa Williams, who passed away on April 3, 2018. Find out more about the show’s superfan and her death, right here.

It is always heartbreaking to see when one of the cast members from The Walking Dead gets killed on the show. But, it’s more heart-rendering when a superfan dies due to an illness.

Lisa Williams was indeed a true fan of the show, and she earned a special place in the hearts of the The Walking Dead’s stars. Currently, the show’s cast is remembering the woman with the captivating smile, who stole their hearts by being such a loyal fan.


Who Was Lisa Williams?

According to Lisa Williams’ Facebook page, she lived in New York. She was such a die-hard fan of the show that her intro on Facebook reads, “The Walking Dead Enthusiast, Fundraiser, Team Andy Lincoln, Walker Stalker Con.”

Williams had posted many photos with the cast members of the famous show. And going by the photos, she was on Team Andy! (Aka Rick Grimes.)

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Lisa Williams Was The Walking Dead’s Superfan

Williams was the winner of a fan contest and got the opportunity to interview The Walking Dead’s cast for Entertainment Weekly. She interviewed Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Lennie James, Melissa McBride, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Williams was called a superfan because she regularly attended conventions and other show-related events.

On the “Walker Stalkers Convention” post, Andy Lincoln explained that the reason he and Eric Nordhoff started the Walker Stalkers; it was to give people a good experience. They specifically did it to spread love and joy among people.

Williams was one of their lifetime Platinum pass holders. Her lifetime pass does not end with her life; others can use it. She used her position to raise money and serve in several charitable endeavors.


The post further read that The Walking Dead will honor her pass and her memory by involving deserving people who are either battling cancer or have conquered their fight with the deadly disease.

The Lisa Williams Lifetime Platinum Pass will be used as long as the Walker Stalker Con exists. The team wants to help her reach her fundraising goal to support Team Andy Lincoln and Barnardo’s, a U.K. children’s charity.

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A Supporter of Team Andy Lincoln’s Fundraising Page

Williams used her recognition for a good cause because she was an active supporter of Team Andy Lincoln and Barnardo’s. Lincoln supports Barnardo’s and is also an ambassador for the charity.

? Time to start revisiting the best of 2017! ⭐️ Best Andy Hug Runner Up⭐️ #AndrewLincoln #TheWalkingDead #RickGrimes ##TWDFamily #WSCLondon 2017 #andylincoln


A post shared by Lisa Williams (@lcwilli1) on

The charity focuses on the lives of U.K.’s most vulnerable kids, standing up for them, and assisting them to bring out their best. They work with kids who are victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual abuse.

Additionally, Barnardo’s also offer fostering and adoption services irrespective of circumstance, race, gender, or disability. They have organized several social media fundraising campaigns and auctions to help raise money to support the charity.

Williams was also actively involved in the process. She was the one who managed Team Andy Lincoln.

Lisa Williams Death

Lisa Williams was battling cancer for a long time.


In Mid-March, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus created a video for her wishing Williams better health and hoping to see her soon.

On April 3, 2018, Williams lost the battle to cancer and passed away. After the news came out, The Walking Dead stars took to social media and posted sweet messages about Lisa Williams.

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