“The Walking Dead” Season 8 Release Date: When Does “The Walking Dead” Start?

The Walking Dead Season 8
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AMC has already announced The Walking Dead season 8 release date and we’re extremely excited to see how Rick and the gang will handle the terrifying threats posed by Negan and The Saviors. When does The Walking Dead start? Stay tuned to find out!

Throughout its previous seven-season run, The Walking Dead has endured a great deal of ups and downs when it comes to critical ratings, viewership, and even the non-linear oversaturated format of the show. All of these unpredictable aspects of the show have left the fate of this highly popular and controversial post-apocalyptic AMC series hanging in the balance time and time again, with many fans having given up on it long ago. Considering the redundancies in the storylines, not to mention the fact that the writers keep abruptly killing off fan-favorite cast members, it’s not surprising that the show’s ratings have plummeted in the past few years. Earlier in the show’s run, there was even an online campaign in which many fans vowed to boycott the show or riot if Daryl Dixon was ever killed off, and it seems like producers actually took notice because they decided to keep him around, at least for the time being. Hopefully that doesn’t change any time soon because it’s safe to say that there have been enough major character deaths on this show, especially recently (RIP Glenn, Sasha, and Abraham). In fact, every season seems to employ the same basic trope: a new villain is introduced who poses a threat to the survival of Rick’s group and they must figure out a way to survive and stick together against all odds. And, for the most part, they do. All of this usually deviates from the original major plot point that forced them to become warriors in the first place: killing walkers and surviving the apocalypse. Thankfully, the saga will continue as AMC has announced The Walking Dead season 8 release date. So, when exactly is The Walking Dead season 8 premiere date? Continue reading to find out!

All-Out War

As many fans are already aware, The Walking Dead is based off of a popular comic book series written by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Tony Moore. Despite the interesting original storylines, for the most part, the show tends to stray from its source material often in favour of more longwinded character arcs that can sometimes feel like watching paint dry. Ultimately, the series does also redeem itself with some incredibly heavy-hitting, action-packed episodes, where we get to see a lot of skillful zombie killings and the dark sides of some of our favourite characters.

Fans of the comic books and the TV series can now rejoice because as indicated by The Walking Dead season 8 trailer, the new season will actually follow one of the major story arcs that is featured in the comic book series. The all-out war plotline will be portrayed in the series this season and it’ll show Rick’s Alexandria group fighting alongside (and possibly even against) the Hilltop Colony and the Kingdom, all in pursuit of a united goal: defeating Negan and The Saviors once and for all.

Production Pitfalls

In October 2016, AMC renewed The Walking Dead for an 8th season and production commenced in April 2017. Tragedy struck on the set in July when stuntman John Bernecker fell more than 20 feet to his death onto a concrete floor. Production was stalled to give the cast and crew time to process the incident, and then resumed a few days later.


The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere Date

Season 8, episode 1 of The Walking Dead is special for a multitude of reasons; Not only does it portray the continuation of what’s possibly one of the most anticipated storylines throughout the entire series, but it’s also an important episode in the series’ history. The show will resume on Sunday, October 22, 2017 with its landmark 100th episode on AMC. What time does The Walking Dead come on? The show will continue with its original timeslot of 9:00 p.m. EST/8:00 p.m. CT, followed by Talking Dead.

Watch the trailer for The Walking Dead 8 which premiered at Comic-Con in San Diego on July 21, 2017.



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